Meet the Little Women of LA Cast: An Inside Look at The stars of The Hit Reality Show


The cast of Little Women of LA has been delighting fans since they first premiered on Lifetime in 2014. The show captures the real-life drama of a group of long-time friends living in Los Angeles, from their hilarious and heartfelt moments to their candid conversations. Here is a closer look at the cast members who make up this unique group.

What are Little Women of LA?

Little Women of LA is a reality television show premiered on Lifetime in 2014. The series follows the lives and relationships of friends living in Los Angeles who all happen to be little people. The cast members balance their real-life struggles with their friendship and support for one another, making it an entertaining and often heartwarming show. From dealing with relationship issues, health problems, and career obstacles, Little Women of LA offers a unique insight into the lives of little people living in the big city.

Christy McGinity Gibel, Briana Renee, and the other original Little Women of LA have impacted viewers. Christy is an advocate for people living with lymphedema and chronic pain and an entrepreneur who owns her online boutique. Briana serves as a voice of reason for the cast and is now a single mother raising two children. In addition to their roles on the show, both women have impacted off-screen with their various advocacies and businesses. Though Little Women of LA may be over, Christy and Briana will continue to inspire viewers for years to come.

Tonya Banks

Background information on Tonya’s life and career

Tonya Banks is one of the original cast members of Little Women of LA. She has been a part of the show since its inception in 2014 and is an integral part of the cast. In addition to her reality television career, Tonya is a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. She owns her clothing line and works with various charities supporting little people.

Tonya’s role on the show

Tonya’s role on the show is one of the most prominent, as she often acts as a leader or mediator for the rest of the cast. She is known for her strong personality and willingness to speak her mind, often leading to hilarious moments and amusing debates. Tonya also uses her platform to help bring awareness to little people’s issues, including health concerns and employment discrimination.

Controversies and personal life updates

Tonya Banks has had her fair share of controversies throughout her time on Little Women of LA. She was involved in a physical altercation with Terra Jole during season one, which caused tension between the two women for many seasons. During season three, she also had a brief feud with former castmate Christy McGinity Gibel.

Elena Gant

Elena’s origin story of Russian Heritage

Elena Gant is an original cast member of Little Women of LA and brings a unique dynamic to the show with her Russian heritage. Elena was born in Russia and moved to the United States when she was three. She has always embraced her Russian roots, even teaching her children the language and taking them to visit her family in Russia every year. Her strong connection to her culture and traditions has been essential to the show.

Elena’s role on the show

Elena’s role on the show is often seen as a voice of reason and understanding. She is known for her positive attitude and willingness to help her friends whenever they are in need. Elena also advocates for little people and speaks openly about their struggles, both on camera and off. Her real-life experiences with discrimination, reproductive health issues, and other challenges make her a valuable and empathetic cast member.

Modeling and fashion-related info

In addition to her role on Little Women of LA, Elena Gant is an accomplished model and fashion designer. She has worked with several major brands, including Forever 21, Lucy in the Sky, and the British fashion line Missguided. She has also appeared in several magazines, most notably People Magazine’s “Most Beautiful Women” issue. In 2019, she launched her own fashion label, Elena Gant Design, which features stylish and affordable clothing for women of all sizes.

Terra Jole

Terra’s previous reality TV appearances

Terra Jole is one of Terra’sginal cast members of Little Women of LA and has become an iconic figure within the show. Before her role on the show, Terra was already well-known in reality television circles due to her appearances on Dancing with the Stars and Celebrity Apprentice. She also had a brief stint as a Salt N Pepa group member and appeared in their music video for the hit single “Push It.”

Terra’s role in Little Women of LA

Terra Jole is a strong and outspoken member of Little Women of LA. She often speaks up for herself and her friends, and is not afraid to express her opinion or challenge authority. Terra is known for her feisty attitude and sharp wit, which has gotten her into a few scrapes with other cast members over the years. Her strong-willed nature often leads to entertaining and intense moments on the show.

Terra’s career in the entertainment industry

Terra Jole is no stranger to the enteTerra’snt industry. She has appeared in numerous television shows, movies, and music videos. In addition to her appearances on Dancing with the Stars and Celebrity Apprentice, Terra had a brief stint as a Salt N Pepa group member and appeared in their music video for “Push It.” She also appeared in an episode of the hit TV show Glee. Additionally, Terra is a talented singer, songwriter, and dancer and has released several singles over the years.

Jasmine Arteaga Sorge

Jasmine’s background information

Jasmine Arteaga Sorge is an original cast member of Little Women of LA anJasmine’sn a leading figure on the show since its debut in 2014. Jasmine was born and raised in San Bernardino, California, and has had a passion for acting since childhood. She studied theatre at Cal State University, Los Angeles, before starting her acting career. She has appeared in several television shows and films, including The Young and the Restless, Castle, CSI: Miami, and The Mentalist.

Jasmine’s role on the show

Jasmine’s role on the show is often seen as a strong and supportive friend to the other women. She is known for her positive outlook, kind nature, and willingness to help out her friends whenever they are in need. Jasmine also has a unique sense of humor, often providing comic relief during tense moments. Her bubbly personality and strong bond with the other women make her an essential part of the Little Women of LA cast.

Personal life updates

Jasmine Arteaga Sorge’s personal life has been quite public since her Little Women Of LA appearance. In 2017, she married actor JoeSorge with whom she shares a daughter named Isabella. The couple recently revealed they are expecting their second child in late 2021. Jasmine is also an avid traveler and enjoys visiting new places to explore different cultures and cuisines. She is passionate about advocating for women’s health and empowerment and frequently volunteers her time to various causes.

Christy McGinity Gibel

Christy’s health issues

Christy McGinity Gibel is one of the original Little Women of LA and has been a regular on the show since its inception in 2014.

Christy, born and raised in Los Angeles, California, has had some health issues over the years that have affected her life both on and off the show. She was diagnosed with lymphedema in 2016 and now advocates for people with the condition. She also suffers from chronic pain and is a vocal advocate for people with chronic illnesses.

Her personal life

Christy McGinity Gibel is married and the proud mother of two children, Summer and Logan. She and her husband, Todd Gibel, have been together since 2001 and tied the knot in 2011. Christy also advocates for animal rights, as she has adopted several rescue dogs. In addition to her family life, Christy is an entrepreneur and owns her online boutique, “Gibelle.”

Her controversial time on the show

Christy McGinity Gibel’s time on the show has been filled with controversy. From clashing with her cast mates to stirring up drama, Christy has often been a source of tension for the Little Women Gibel’sShe was involved in an altercation with co-star Terra Jole at a party in 2017 that resulted in Terra filing a restraining order against her. Additionally, Christy has often been criticized for her “victim blaming” attitude towards specific issues on the show. Despite the drama, Christy is still a beloved cast member and often provides comic relief with her infectious laugh.

Briana Renee

Briana’s role on the show

Briana Renee is an original cast member of Little Women of LA and has been a regular on the show since its debut in 2014. She is known for her outspoken personBriana’sd penchant for finding humor in situations. Briana often serves as the voice of reason, offering advice and support to other women when they need it most. Her strength and resilience have inspired the other women, and her loyalty to the cast is undeniable.

Briana’s personal life

Briana Renee’s personal life has been a source of interest for fans of the show. Before joining the cast, Briana married her high school sweetheart and had two children with him. HoBriana’she is now divorced andRenee’ssing her two children as a single mother. Briana has since found love again and is currently in a relationship with Matt Grundhoffer, whom she met on the show in 2017.

Recent updates involving Briana

Recently, Briana has been busy focusing on her career and her children. She is the co-owner of a boutique in Santa Clarita, California, called “Jewelry by Briana,” which sells custom jewelry. Additionally, she is an active speaker who often speaks at events about her experiences as a single mother and entrepreneur. Most recently, Briana has also launched” an online blog, “Briana Renee Lifestyle,” where she shares her thoughts on motherhood, fashion, and more.


Though Little Women of LA is no longer in production, Christy McGinity Gibel and Briana Renee have used the show as a platform to help others. They have become role models for women everywhere, inspiring them to follow their dreams and be their advocates. With their various advocacies and businesses, they will continue to be an inspiration for years to come. The future looks bright for these two remarkable women!


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