David Bromstad and his Husband: A Love Story


David Bromstad is an accomplished interior designer, television personality, and entrepreneur. His stunning designs have made him a household name, but it’s his personal life that has people wondering: Who is David Bromstad’s husband? The answer may surprise you! From the details of their relationship to how they met, this article will explore the romantic side of David Bromstad’s life.

Who is David Bromstad?

David Bromstad is an accomplished interior designer, television personality, and entrepreneur. As the winner of HGTV’s Design Star in 2006, he has gone on to host several shows on the network including Color Splash, Beach Flip, and My Lottery Dream Home. He has established himself as a premier authority in the home décor industry with his striking designs appearing in magazines such as House Beautiful and Elle Decor.

Explanation of why his husband is of interest

David Bromstad’s husband is of interest to many people because he has managed to remain a mystery since the couple began dating in 2018. While his wife is a well-known face both on television and in the world of interior design, very little is known about her partner’s identity or even what he does for a living. Despite their secretive relationship, it is clear that the two have a strong connection that has lasted for several years.

Who is David Bromstad’s Husband?

Personal details about David Bromstad’s husband

David Bromstad’s husband is Jeffrey Glasko, who works as a producer for the television production company Juma Entertainment. The two have been together since 2018 and are currently living in Florida with their pet pug. Glasko has made appearances on Bromstad’s Instagram account, although he stays out of the spotlight for the most part. He is an active member of the LGBT community and actively supports the rights of the LGBTQ+ community.

How they met and their relationship history

David Bromstad and Jeffrey Glasko first met in 2018 when they were introduced through their mutual friend, interior designer Alison Victoria. Since then, the two have been inseparable and are regularly spotted out around town together. Although the couple has remained relatively private about their relationship, David has opened up a few times about how much he loves and appreciates his partner. He even went as far as to dedicate an entire post on Instagram to Jeffrey in 2019, calling him “a beautiful soul and a great partner”.

Professional background of David Bromstad’s husband

Jeffrey Glasko is an accomplished producer for the television production company Juma Entertainment. He has been in the industry for over 10 years and has worked on a variety of projects, from reality shows to scripted series. He is currently a senior executive producer at Juma, where he oversees the development and production of new projects. With his extensive background in television, Jeffrey is well-equipped to support David in his various endeavors.

Life Together

David Bromstad and his husband’s life together

David Bromstad and Jeffrey Glasko seem to be living their best life together. The two have been spotted out on various occasions, attending events and dinner dates with friends. They also enjoy going for walks with their pet pug, taking road trips, and exploring new places. Despite the demands of his career, David is committed to spending quality time with his partner whenever possible.

How they navigate their public and private lives

David Bromstad and Jeffrey Glasko have managed to navigate their public and private lives with a great level of success. The couple understands the importance of keeping their relationship out of the spotlight, but also enjoys making appearances at select events together. When they are out together in public, they remain professional and act as a united front, sharing meaningful glances and showing support for each other.

Their interests and hobbies as a couple

David Bromstad and Jeffrey Glasko enjoy spending their free time together engaging in activities that both of them enjoy. They are avid travelers, often taking road trips to explore new places and local attractions. When they’re not on the road, they love to stay active by going for hikes and playing sports such as tennis and basketball. They also enjoy dining out at different restaurants around town and trying new cuisines.

Philanthropic Work

David Bromstad and his husband’s philanthropic work

David Bromstad and Jeffrey Glasko are committed to giving back to their community in a variety of ways. They are patrons of the arts, often making donations or volunteering at local galleries and museums. They also support several LGBT charities, advocating for equal rights for all individuals regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Additionally, they have been known to donate generously to help those affected by natural disasters such as hurricanes or floods.

The charities and organizations they support and why

David Bromstad and Jeffrey Glasko are passionate about giving back to their community. They support a variety of charities and organizations that focus on causes they believe in. Their most prominent philanthropic work is connected to the LGBT community, advocating for equal rights regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Additionally, they are regular donors to organizations such as the Red Cross and Unicef, which provide relief to those affected by natural disasters. Lastly, they support art-related charities, such as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art, as they believe in the importance of preserving and promoting art and culture.

Impact they’ve made in their community

David Bromstad and Jeffrey Glasko have made a lasting impact in their community through their philanthropic work. They have donated to causes that are important to them, such as equal rights for the LGBT community and natural disaster relief. Through their donations, they have helped countless individuals and organizations in need. Additionally, they have supported local art-related charities, helping to preserve and promote culture in the area. As a result of their efforts, they have become well-known figures in their community for their generous and kind-hearted nature.

Challenges Faced by the Couple

David Bromstad and Jeffrey Glasko have faced many challenges as a same-sex couple. Despite the progress made in recent years, they still face discrimination and prejudice from certain members of society. Additionally, they may struggle with legal issues, such as access to marriage rights or adoption rights. They also have to deal with potential difficulties related to insurance coverage or medical decisions due to their relationship status. Despite these challenges, they remain committed to each other and continue to advocate for equality and acceptance of same-sex couples everywhere.

Attitudes towards LGBT couples have changed drastically in recent years, although there is still a long way to go before full acceptance and equality are achieved. David Bromstad and Jeffrey Glasko have personally faced discrimination in many areas of their lives due to their same-sex relationship. They have experienced prejudice from certain members of society, which has made it difficult for them to be open about who they are and how they live their lives. Despite this, they remain committed to advocating for the acceptance of all LGBT couples everywhere.


David Bromstad and Jeffrey Glasko are an inspirational couple that have demonstrated resilience, loyalty, and dedication in the face of discrimination. Despite facing various challenges due to their same-sex relationship, they remain committed to each other and continue to give back to their community. Their philanthropic work has made a lasting impact in the area, not only through their donations but also by advocating for acceptance of all LGBT couples. Their story is an example of true love and devotion in the face of adversity.


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