Davidson’s Dunkers: NBA’s Finest from a Tiny Town


Hey​ there, basketball fanatics! Have you ever wondered ⁢about the NBA players that hail from the small but ⁤mighty​ Davidson College? ⁢That’s right, this ⁤little liberal arts school in North Carolina ⁣has ⁤produced some⁤ serious ballers! From the legendary Stephen Curry‌ to the lesser-known but still impressive Davidson alumni, we’re diving into the ​world of Davidson ⁢NBA players. So grab your popcorn, sit back, and let’s take a ⁢look at the Wildcats who have taken their talents to the big ⁢leagues. ‍Spoiler alert: there ⁣may be more than you think!

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From College ⁢Ball to Pro Ball: The Davidson NBA Legacy

When you think of college basketball powerhouses,⁢ Davidson may not be the first school that comes to mind. But don’t let their⁤ size fool you – Davidson ​has produced some serious talent that has gone on to make a name for themselves in the NBA.

First and foremost, we have to talk about Stephen Curry. The sharpshooting guard has become one of the most ⁤recognizable names in the league, leading the Golden State Warriors to multiple⁤ championships and breaking records left and right. But before all that, he⁣ was just a kid from Charlotte, North Carolina, lighting up the ‌Southern ⁢Conference.

But Curry isn’t​ the only Wildcat to make the leap to the pros. Other ​notable Davidson alumni include‍ Fred Hetzel ​ and Dick Snyder, both of whom had successful NBA careers​ in the 60s and 70s. More recently, Jake Cohen and De’Mon Brooks have also‌ had stints in the‍ league.

So next ‍time you’re watching a⁤ Warriors game and marveling at Curry’s shooting prowess, just remember – ⁤it all started at a​ small liberal arts college ‍in North Carolina.

Player NBA Team(s) Years Active
Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors 2009-Present
Fred Hetzel San Francisco Warriors, Cincinnati Royals, Milwaukee Bucks, Los Angeles Lakers,⁤ Philadelphia 76ers 1965-1971
Dick Snyder St. Louis/Atlanta Hawks, Phoenix Suns, ⁢Seattle ‌SuperSonics, Cleveland Cavaliers 1966-1979
Jake Cohen Phoenix Suns 2013-2014
De’Mon Brooks Charlotte Hornets 2014-2015

Shooting Stars: Top Davidson Alumni in the NBA

When you think of Davidson College, the first thing that comes to mind might be their stunning campus or rigorous academics. But⁢ let’s not forget about ⁢their impressive ‍track record ​of producing NBA stars. Here’s a list of some of the top players who once sported the ‍Davidson ‍Wildcats jersey before making it big ⁤in the league:

  • Stephen Curry – You might have heard ⁣of him. A two-time MVP, three-time NBA champion, and the greatest shooter in the history of the game. Not too shabby for ⁣a guy who was once deemed too small ​to play at the top level.
  • Fred Hetzel ⁣ – A blast from the past, Hetzel was the first Davidson alum to make an impact in the NBA, earning an All-Star ⁢selection in ⁢1966 and scoring over 5,000 points in his career.
  • Dick Snyder – Another Wildcat turned NBA success story, Snyder ⁣had a solid career in the⁢ 70s, including a championship with the​ Seattle SuperSonics in 1979.
Name NBA Debut Points Championships
Stephen ⁤Curry 2009 18,434+ 3
Fred Hetzel 1965 5,376 0
Dick Snyder 1966 9,377 1

While⁢ Davidson may not be known⁣ as a basketball powerhouse, the talent that ​has​ come through ​its doors is​ undeniable. Whether they’re hitting game-winners or hoisting ​championship trophies, these Wildcats ⁣have⁣ made their mark in the NBA. And let’s be honest,⁣ any school that can say it produced Steph Curry has some serious bragging rights.

Beyond Stephen⁤ Curry: Other Davidson Players Making Their Mark

While Stephen Curry is undoubtedly the most famous Davidson College basketball ⁢alum, he’s ⁣not the only Wildcat to make a splash in the NBA.‍ Here are a few other⁣ Davidson⁢ players ‍who are proving that they too can hold their own on the court.

Will Perdue may‌ not have the same level of name recognition as Curry, but he’s certainly left his mark on the NBA. The⁤ 7-foot center was⁢ a key member of the Chicago Bulls during their⁣ early 90s dynasty, winning three championships alongside Michael Jordan. He also played for the San⁤ Antonio Spurs and Portland Trail Blazers during‍ his 13-year career.

Another notable Davidson alum is Fred Hetzel. Drafted in 1965, Hetzel played for the San Francisco Warriors, Cincinnati Royals, Milwaukee Bucks, and‌ Los Angeles⁣ Lakers. He was even named⁣ an NBA All-Star in 1968. Not too shabby for a guy from a small school in North Carolina!

Here’s a‍ quick look at some other ‌Davidson players who have​ made it to the NBA:

  • Dick Snyder – Played 13 ⁢seasons​ for the St. ‌Louis Hawks, Phoenix Suns, Seattle SuperSonics, and⁢ Cleveland Cavaliers, ⁢and won an NBA championship ⁢with the ‌SuperSonics in 1979.
  • Brandon Williams ‌- Had a brief stint in the NBA, playing for ⁣the Golden State Warriors, San Antonio Spurs,⁤ and Atlanta Hawks.
  • Brian Sullivan – Currently playing overseas, but had a Summer League stint with the Charlotte Hornets in 2016.
Player Years⁢ in ‌NBA Teams
Will Perdue 13 Chicago Bulls, San Antonio Spurs, Portland Trail Blazers
Fred Hetzel 6 San Francisco Warriors, Cincinnati ‍Royals, Milwaukee ‍Bucks, Los Angeles Lakers
Dick Snyder 13 St. Louis Hawks,⁢ Phoenix Suns, Seattle SuperSonics, Cleveland Cavaliers

So while Stephen⁣ Curry may be the pride of Davidson, let’s not forget the other Wildcats who have clawed their way⁢ into NBA history. Who knows, maybe there’s ​another future star currently roaming the halls of Davidson College.

Draft Dreams: Why Davidson Players are ⁤NBA Gold

Davidson College may not be the⁢ first name that comes to mind‌ when you think of powerhouse basketball programs, but they have a knack for producing NBA-caliber⁣ talent. ‌The‌ Wildcats have a solid track record of​ sending players to the big leagues, and it’s not just a​ fluke. There’s something in the water (or maybe the Gatorade) at⁢ Davidson that turns its players into NBA ⁣gold.

  • First and foremost, we have to talk about Stephen Curry. ​He’s not​ just a Davidson​ alum, he’s the poster child for underrated college players making​ it big. Curry was overlooked by major programs but found a home at Davidson, where he led the ‍Wildcats to the Elite Eight in 2008. Now, he’s a two-time NBA MVP and three-time champion. Not too shabby for a kid from a mid-major conference.
  • But Curry isn’t the only Wildcat to make it to the NBA. Players like Brian Sullivan and De’Mon Brooks have also had stints in the league. While they ‍may not have the ‌same‌ name recognition as Curry, they’re proof that Davidson’s basketball ⁤program is more⁣ than just a one-hit wonder.

It’s not just the talent on the‍ court that makes Davidson players so appealing to the NBA,⁢ it’s their work ethic and basketball IQ. The Wildcats are known for their rigorous academic standards, which translates⁤ to a smarter style of play. Combine ⁢that with a scrappy, never-say-die attitude, and you’ve got a recipe ‌for success at the next level.

Name NBA Team Years at Davidson
Stephen Curry Golden State ⁤Warriors 2006-2009
Brian ‍Sullivan Miami ​Heat 2012-2016
De’Mon ​Brooks Charlotte Hornets 2010-2014

So the next time‍ you’re watching⁢ the NBA draft and a Davidson Wildcat’s name gets called, don’t act so surprised. These guys are gold, and the pros know it. Just look out for that Wildcat growl – ⁤it’s the sound of another​ Davidson player ready to take⁣ the NBA by storm.


Q: How many Davidson NBA players does it​ take to screw in a lightbulb?
A: Just one, but⁤ they’ll probably shoot the lights out while they’re at it.

Q: Who is⁢ the most ⁤famous Davidson NBA player?
A: ⁣Well, if you don’t know the answer to that, you must have been living under a⁤ rock. It’s none other than the baby-faced assassin, Steph Curry.

Q: Are there any other Davidson players in the NBA besides Steph Curry?
A: Yes, there are a few others, but let’s be real, they’re all just living in Steph’s shadow.

Q: How does a small school like Davidson produce NBA talent?
A:​ It’s all about the coaching, baby. Plus, the players are probably fueled by the constant underdog mentality.

Q: What’s the secret to Davidson’s success in ⁣developing NBA ‌players?
A: They’ve got a little bit of magic ⁤in the water, or⁣ maybe it’s just the sheer determination ⁢to prove⁢ everyone‌ wrong.

Q: Are there any up-and-coming Davidson players ‍to ‍watch out‍ for?
A:⁤ Keep an eye out for the next sharpshooter to‍ come out​ of Davidson,‌ because you ​never ​know when the next ​Curry will emerge.

Q: Can Davidson continue ⁢to produce top NBA talent?
A: Only time will tell, but with their track⁢ record, I wouldn’t bet against them. Plus, who doesn’t love an⁤ underdog story?

The Conclusion

Well folks, that’s all ⁢we’ve got for now on the Davidson NBA players. Who knew a small liberal arts college in North Carolina could ‌produce so many basketball superstars? Keep your eyes peeled for these Wildcats on the court, and don’t be surprised if you start seeing more and more of them popping up in the NBA. Until next time, keep shooting your shot – you never ⁣know, you could be the next Steph Curry in the⁢ making!


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