Exploring Coverfly: The Ultimate Platform for Screenwriters to Connect, Compete and Succeed


Discover the world of coverfly and its innovative approach to script coverage.

Coverfly is an online platform that connects filmmakers with trusted experts in the entertainment industry for comprehensive film analysis and feedback.

What is Coverfly

Coverfly is an online platform that offers a revolutionary approach to script coverage. The platform is designed to connect filmmakers with experienced professionals in the entertainment industry for comprehensive analysis and feedback on their projects.

Coverfly uses its sophisticated algorithm to match projects with qualified readers, writers, producers, directors, agents, and other development executives from all over the world.

The Features of Coverfly

Submission Tracking: Simplicity and Convenience

Coverfly provides its users with an easy-to-use submission tracking feature which helps them manage all their projects in one place. This feature allows filmmakers to submit their project for coverage and track the progress of every reader with just a few clicks.

They can also access detailed reports of the coverage they received and review them at any time. This makes it easy for filmmakers to keep track of their projects and make necessary changes in a timely manner.

Industry Visibility: Connect with Prospects

Coverfly provides an invaluable service for filmmakers to connect with prospects in the industry.

With its 10,000+ readers and professionals from across the world, Coverfly opens up a wide range of opportunities for filmmakers to access projects that are suited to their interests.

Through its comprehensive coverage reports, filmmakers can get in touch with potential producers, agents, and other decision-makers in the entertainment industry. This helps them to get their projects seen by the right people and make progress on their careers.

Development Programs: Providing Opportunities for Screenwriters

Coverfly offers a variety of development programs that offer unparalleled opportunities for screenwriters. These programs provide a platform for emerging writers to hone their craft and develop their scripts.

Coverfly’s team of experienced producers, directors, and agents are available to provide feedback and advice on how to improve the script. Through its network of 10,000 + industry professionals, Coverfly ensures that each script is seen by the right people who can help make it shine.

How Coverfly is Helping Writers Achieve Success

Recognizing Outstanding Writers Through Competitive Rankings

Coverfly has developed a competitive ranking system that recognizes outstanding writers. Each year, the platform awards top writers with awards in various categories such as best feature screenplay, best short screenplay, and best TV pilot script. This recognition helps to showcase the work of talented writers and bring their stories to the attention of industry professionals.

Providing Access to Industry Professionals

Coverfly provides its users with unparalleled access to industry professionals. By utilizing its sophisticated algorithm, Coverfly is able to match filmmakers with qualified readers, writers, producers, directors, agents, and development executives from all over the world. This allows writers to get their projects seen by the right people who can help make them shine.

Coverfly is partnering with leading film festivals and screenplay competitions to help its users further their careers. By connecting writers with these events, Coverfly is giving them the opportunity to showcase their work in front of industry professionals and gain valuable exposure.

Benefits of Using Coverfly

1. Efficiency and Time Management

Coverfly helps filmmakers save time and be more efficient in their filmmaking process. Its submission tracking feature allows users to manage all of their projects in one place, and easily keep track of the progress of every reader with just a few clicks.

This way, filmmakers can make necessary changes quickly and submit their projects for coverage without any delays. Additionally, its comprehensive coverage reports give filmmakers quick insights into how their projects are being received by industry professionals.

2. Amplified Visibility and Access to Opportunities

Coverfly ensures that filmmakers’ projects are seen by the right people and can get them the recognition they deserve. Through its network of 10,000+ industry professionals, Coverfly is providing filmmakers with unprecedented visibility and access to opportunities.

This allows them to connect with producers, agents, development executives, festivals, and other decision makers who can help them get their projects made.

3. Building a Network and Community of Fellow Screenwriters

Coverfly allows its users to connect with fellow screenwriters who share the same passion for storytelling. Through its online forums, writers can discuss their projects and share tips on how to improve their scripts. Additionally, Coverfly also hosts webinars, masterclasses, and other events to help writers learn from experienced industry professionals. This helps foster a community of filmmakers who can support each other and help each other to succeed.


Coverfly is revolutionizing the screenwriting industry by providing writers with access to a community of industry professionals. This platform allows writers to gain visibility and recognition for their projects, and connect with film festivals, screenplay competitions, and other decision makers who can help them achieve success. Coverfly has become an invaluable tool for filmmakers looking to get their stories out into the world, as it provides them with unprecedented efficiency and access to opportunities.

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