How Long Do Mushrooms Last in Fridge: A Comprehensive Guide


The longevity of mushrooms in the refrigerator is an important factor for anyone looking to make the most out of their grocery purchases. Knowing how long mushrooms can last in the fridge before they go bad will help you to plan your recipes and ensure that your mushrooms are always fresh and flavorful. In this article, we’ll explore how long mushrooms remain safe to eat when stored in the refrigerator, as well as the best ways to store them.

What are Storing Mushrooms?

The importance of storing mushrooms properly cannot be overstated. Mushrooms are a delicate food item that can easily spoil if not handled and stored correctly. Not only does this lead to waste, but improper storage can also result in bacterial growth or the introduction of toxins into your food. To ensure optimal freshness and safety, it’s important to store mushrooms in the refrigerator properly and consume them within a certain timeframe.

How to determine if mushrooms are still fresh

When it comes to determining whether mushrooms are still fresh, the best indicator is their smell. Mushrooms should have a pleasant earthy scent when fresh, and any hint of sourness or ammonia is an indication that they’re past their prime. Additionally, keep an eye out for any signs of wilting or discoloration, as these are also indicative of spoilage.

Shelf Life of Mushrooms

Factors that can affect the shelf life of mushrooms

The shelf life of mushrooms is largely determined by the conditions under which they are stored. Temperature, humidity, and light all play a role in how quickly mushrooms will spoil. If stored at a too-low temperature for an extended period of time, the mushrooms can freeze and become unappetizing. High temperatures can cause them to spoil more quickly as well. Additionally, excessive moisture or light can contribute to spoilage.

The average shelf life of different types of mushrooms

The shelf life of mushrooms can vary greatly depending on the type. Generally speaking, white button mushrooms have the longest shelf life of about 10 days when stored in the refrigerator. Shiitake and cremini varieties will last for around 5 days, while oyster and Portobello can remain edible for up to 7 days when stored properly. Indeed, it is important to note that if any mushrooms start to look slimy, discolored, or emit a very strong odor, they should be discarded immediately.

Tips for Storing Mushrooms in the Fridge

The ideal temperature for storing mushrooms

When storing mushrooms in the refrigerator, it’s important to maintain an ideal temperature. The optimal temperature for mushroom storage is between 35 to 40°F (2-4°C). Keeping the temperature of your fridge within this range will ensure that your mushrooms stay fresh and tasty for the longest amount of time. Additionally, place your mushrooms in a container or plastic bag with holes so that any excess moisture can escape.

The best way to store mushrooms

The best way to store mushrooms is by placing them in a paper or waxed paper bag with holes punched in it. This will allow for some air circulation and can help prevent excessive moisture from building up. Mushrooms should also be stored in the refrigerator away from other produce items, as this can help reduce spoilage and ensure maximum freshness. Additionally, make sure to use your mushrooms within a few days of purchase for the best results.

How to avoid contaminating mushrooms

In order to avoid contaminating mushrooms, it is important to follow a few key steps. First, make sure to clean them properly before using them in a recipe. Rinse the mushrooms gently under cold running water and use a soft brush or cloth to remove any dirt or debris. Additionally, be sure to separate the mushrooms from other produce items, as this can help prevent cross-contamination. Finally, always use clean cutting boards and utensils when handling mushrooms to reduce the risk of contamination.

How to Tell if Mushrooms Have Gone Bad

Signs of spoilage

Signs of spoilage are the best indicator that mushrooms have gone bad. Spoiled mushrooms will usually have a sour or ammonia-like odor and may be discolored, slimy, and wilted. Additionally, they may have developed patches of fuzzy mold or spots of dark liquid. If mushrooms exhibit any of these signs, they should be discarded immediately as they are no longer safe to eat.

What to do with mushrooms that have gone bad

If you find that your mushrooms have gone bad, it is important to dispose of them properly. First, make sure to separate the bad mushrooms from any usable ones and discard them immediately. Do not attempt to cook or eat spoiled mushrooms, as they can contain harmful bacteria and cause food poisoning. Additionally, do not place the spoiled mushrooms in compost piles or on garden beds, as this can contaminate the soil.


In summary, the shelf life of mushrooms can vary depending on the type and how they are stored. White button mushrooms have the longest shelf life of around 10 days when stored in the refrigerator, while more delicate varieties such as shiitake and cremini can last for up to 5 days. To ensure maximum freshness, store mushrooms in a paper or waxed paper bag with holes punched in it and keep the temperature of your fridge between 35 to 40°F (2-4°C). Additionally, always inspect mushrooms for signs of spoilage before consuming them, as they can contain harmful bacteria.


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