Ageless Charm: Julia Roberts’ Age and the Story behind Pretty Woman


Julia Roberts is an icon whose career spans decades, and she’s best known for her role as Vivian Ward in the classic 1990 romantic comedy Pretty Woman. The film was a runaway hit, and it made Julia Roberts a household name. But how old was she when she first appeared onscreen as the beloved character? We answer that question and more in this article.

Who is Julia Roberts?

Julia Roberts is a beloved Hollywood actress who has starred in numerous films over the years. Her most iconic role to date is that of Vivian Ward in the classic 1990 romantic comedy Pretty Woman.

Significance of her age in the movie

The age of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman is significant as it serves to emphasize the main theme of the movie; that anyone can find love no matter their background or circumstances. Vivian’s age and her status as a “call girl” are both integral to the plot, as they serve to highlight the differences between her and Edward, ultimately bringing them closer together. The contrast between their characters shows that love can bridge any social divide.

Julia Roberts’ Early Career

Overview of her early acting career

Julia Roberts had a successful acting career even before her breakout role in Pretty Woman. She made her film debut at the age of 19 in the movie Satisfaction (1988), and quickly followed with other notable roles such as Mystic Pizza (1988) and Steel Magnolias (1989). Her performance as Vivian Ward in Pretty Woman was her first major leading role, and it made her a star overnight.

Breakout role in Mystic Pizza

Julia Roberts’ breakout role was as Daisy Arujo in the 1988 coming-of-age romantic comedy Mystic Pizza. In the film, she plays a rebellious teenager who works at a pizzeria in Mystic, Connecticut. Her performance was praised by audiences and critics alike, and it established her as an up-and-coming star. Julia Roberts was 21 years old when she starred in Mystic Pizza.

Casting and Filming of Pretty Woman

Casting process for the role of Vivian Ward

The casting process for the role of Vivian Ward in Pretty Woman was long and arduous. The filmmakers initially considered several different actresses, including Meg Ryan, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Jennifer Jason Leigh. But ultimately, Julia Roberts won out due to her strong screen presence and unique charisma. Roberts was just 22 years old when she was cast as Vivian Ward in Pretty Woman; a perfect age to capture the innocence and vulnerability of her character.

Roberts’ approach to her character

Julia Roberts took her role as Vivian Ward in Pretty Woman very seriously. She was determined to transform the character from a stereotype into a real person with depth and complexity. To prepare for her role, Roberts spent time studying the various aspects of Vivian’s life, including her job and her relationships with Edward and other characters in the film. She also took the time to meet with sex workers in Los Angeles in order to gain an understanding of their lives.

Filming timeline and experience

The filming process for Pretty Woman began in the fall of 1989. Julia Roberts was just 22 at the time, and it was her first major leading role. She worked alongside Richard Gere, who played Edward Lewis, as well as a supporting cast that included Hector Elizondo and Laura San Giacomo. Filming began in Los Angeles and continued for six weeks before wrapping up in early December.

Julia Roberts’ Age During Filming

Date of birth and age during Pretty Woman production

Julia Roberts was born on October 28, 1967 in Smyrna, Georgia. At the time of filming Pretty Woman in 1989, she was 22 years old. Although she had already acted in several films prior to this, her performance in Pretty Woman would propel her to stardom and make her one of Hollywood’s most beloved actresses.

Comparison to her character’s age

The age of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman is interesting, especially when compared to the character she plays. Vivian Ward is a “call girl” in the movie, and is portrayed as being much younger than Roberts’ actual age. By casting an older actress in this role, it highlights the innocence and naivety of Vivian’s character, which is essential to the story.

Impact of Julia Roberts’ Age on the Movie

Analysis of how her age affected her portrayal of Vivian

The fact that Julia Roberts was 22 years old when she starred in Pretty Woman had a major impact on her portrayal of Vivian Ward. Vivian is a “call girl,” so casting someone older would have made her come off as too experienced and jaded. However, Roberts’ young age allowed her to capture the vulnerability and innocence of the character, which was essential to the story. Her performance in the movie was widely praised and cemented her status as a Hollywood star.

Impression on audience and critics

Julia Roberts’ performance in Pretty Woman was widely praised by both audiences and critics. Her youthful age made her the perfect choice to bring Vivian Ward to life, and her portrayal of the character was powerful and moving. Roberts’ performance earned her a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture-Musical or Comedy, as well as numerous other awards and nominations.

Place in Roberts’ career trajectory

The role of Vivian Ward in Pretty Woman was a major turning point in Julia Roberts’ career and catapulted her to stardom. Before the movie, she had acted in several films and television series, but it wasn’t until her performance in Pretty Woman that she became a household name. The film showcased Roberts’ strong screen presence and charisma, and audiences embraced the young actress as they watched her bring Vivian Ward to life.


Julia Roberts was 24 years old when she played the iconic role of Vivian Ward in Pretty Woman. The film was a major breakthrough for Roberts, and it has since become one of the most beloved romantic comedies of all time. The contrast between her age and that of her character serves to highlight the main theme of the movie; that anyone can find love no matter their background or circumstances. Julia Roberts’ age in Pretty Woman was integral to her portrayal of the character, and it helped make the movie a timeless classic.


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