Matt Smith: Weaving a New Web of SpiderMan Adventure


Matt Smith, the beloved actor best known for his run as The Doctor on the hit sci-fi show Doctor Who, has been tapped to play a new version of Spiderman in an upcoming movie. Fans are already buzzing with excitement at the possibility of seeing Smith take on one of the most iconic comic book characters ever. This will be Smith’s first foray into the world of superheroes and promises to be an exciting new chapter in his acting career. Smith is currently in negotiations with the studio and a deal is expected to be finalized shortly.

Who is Spiderman?

Spiderman is one of the most iconic superheroes in popular culture. He first appeared in Marvel comics back in 1962 and since then has been featured in countless cartoons, movies, video games and more. Spiderman is known for his amazing powers such as superhuman strength, speed, agility and the ability to cling to walls and ceilings with his web-like “spider sense”. His wise-cracking attitude and humorous banter have made him a fan favorite for generations. Spiderman’s popularity has only increased in recent years with the critically acclaimed films by Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures, as well as his appearances in various animated series and video games.

Matt Smith as a possible candidate for the role

Matt Smith is an incredibly talented actor who has captivated audiences around the world with his performances on Doctor Who and other projects. His impressive range, wit, and charisma are just part of what make him a perfect candidate for the role of Spiderman. As a young British actor, Smith brings a freshness to the character that could potentially reinvent the beloved superhero for modern audiences. His past roles have showcased his ability to bring a sense of fun and energy to characters, which could make for an exciting take on the web-slinging hero.

Who is Matt Smith?

Background on Matt Smith’s career

Matt Smith is an English actor best known for his leading role in the popular British science fiction television series Doctor Who. He is also widely known for his roles in the films Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, Terminator Genisys, and How to Talk to Girls at Parties. Born on October 28th 1982 in Northampton, England, Smith attended Northampton School For Boys and the University of East Anglia. After university, he trained at the Drama Centre London and made his stage debut in 2007. His career skyrocketed after landing the role of The Doctor in 2009 and he went on to star in several other projects. Smith has earned multiple awards for his acting achievements including two National Television Awards and a BAFTA nomination.

Strengths and weaknesses as an actor

Matt Smith has earned a reputation as an immensely talented actor with his impressive range and captivating performances. His strengths lie in his ability to bring both comedy and drama to characters, allowing him to portray a wide variety of emotions. His witty dialogue and energetic delivery make him perfect for comedic roles, while his dramatic intensity allows him to portray more serious characters with ease. He is also well-known for his versatility with accents and dialects, which could come in handy when playing Spiderman. On the other hand, Smith’s weaknesses are few and far between. His physicality may not be as imposing as other actors who have taken on the role of Spiderman, but he more than makes up for this with his talent and charisma.

Why Matt Smith could be a good Spiderman

Similarities between Matt Smith and Spiderman as characters

One of the reasons why Matt Smith could be a good Spiderman is because there are many similarities between the two characters. Both Smith and Spiderman are witty, smart, and charismatic, which allows them to connect with people easily. They both have a great sense of humor, which would make for some hilarious scenes in the movie if Smith were to take on the role. Additionally, both characters are brave and determined to do the right thing, even if it means putting themselves in danger. Smith’s energetic personality and comedic timing could make for an exciting version of Spiderman that will be sure to capture the hearts of audiences everywhere.

Ways in which Matt Smith could bring a new angle to the role

If Matt Smith were to take on the role of Spiderman, he could bring a new and exciting angle to the character. The comic book version of Spiderman is known for his quick wit and sharp humor, and Smith’s performance could bring that element to life onscreen. His energetic delivery and comedic timing could make for some truly hilarious scenes that will be sure to bring plenty of laughs.

Fan support for Matt Smith as Spiderman

Fan support for Matt Smith as Spiderman has been overwhelmingly positive since the news was first announced. Fans of Doctor Who and other projects have expressed their enthusiasm for him to take on the role, praising his talent and charisma. Smith’s ability to bring a sense of fun and energy to characters could make for an exciting take on the beloved superhero, which is something that many fans are excited to see.

Potential challenges for Matt Smith as Spiderman

Potential backlash due to past Spiderman portrayals

Despite the overwhelming fan support for Matt Smith to take on the role of Spiderman, there is potential for some backlash from those who have grown attached to the previous portrayals of the character. With such iconic roles comes a lot of pressure to perform, and fans can be quick to judge when expectations are not met. Some may argue that Smith does not possess enough physicality to portray a convincing Spiderman, and there could be concerns that his version of the character would be too comedic. It is important for Smith to take into consideration the expectations of the fans while also bringing something new and exciting to the role.

Possible criticism of Matt Smith’s age or physical appearance

One potential criticism of Matt Smith as Spiderman could be his age and physical appearance. At 37 years old, Smith is a bit older than the usual age range for superheroes, which may concern some fans who prefer the traditional portrayal of Spiderman. Additionally, Smith’s frame is on the smaller side compared to other actors who have taken on the role in the past, which could make it difficult to bring a certain level of physicality to the character. Smith would need to be aware of these potential criticisms, and make sure that his performance does not come across as too comical or over-the-top.

Competition with other actors vying for the role

Matt Smith is not the only actor who has been mentioned as a potential choice for Spiderman. Other names in the running include Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire, and Andrew Garfield. All of these actors have already portrayed the character in previous movies, so they have an advantage over Smith when it comes to fan recognition and familiarity.

What to expect from Matt Smith as Spiderman

Potential storylines or character arcs for Matt Smith’s Spiderman

If Matt Smith were to take on the role of Spiderman, audiences could expect to see an exciting and unique storyline that will bring something new to the character. Smith’s energetic performance could add an element of fun to the movie, while still staying true to Spiderman’s core values of responsibility and bravery. The story could focus on Peter Parker learning to navigate his newfound powers while also dealing with the struggles of everyday life, all while trying to protect the people he loves.

How Matt Smith’s interpretation of the character could differ from previous portrayals

If Matt Smith were to take on the role of Spiderman, audiences could expect to see an exciting and unique version of the character that differs from past portrayals. Smith’s natural charisma and wit could give Peter Parker a new sense of energy and enthusiasm that has not been seen before. His comedic timing and acting chops could also contribute to a more light-hearted interpretation of the character that is sure to entertain. Additionally, Smith’s age could bring a unique perspective to the role of Spiderman, which could make for an interesting story arc.

Potential impact on the franchise and fanbase

If Matt Smith were to take on the role of Spiderman, it could have a huge impact on both the franchise and its fanbase. Smith’s unique interpretation of the character could draw in new fans who are looking for something different from previous portrayals, while also appealing to those who have grown up with the character over the years. His energetic performance and fresh perspective could provide an exciting new spin on the franchise, and could potentially lead to new opportunities and storylines for Spiderman.


In conclusion, Matt Smith’s potential casting as Spiderman could be a huge hit with fans. His unique charm and comedic timing could bring something new and exciting to the role, while his age and physical appearance would provide an interesting contrast to past portrayals of the character. If Smith were to take on the role of Spiderman, it could have a significant impact on the franchise and its fanbase.


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