Meet Sebastian Rulli’s Wife: A Closer Look at the Actor’s Love Story


Sebastian⁢ Rulli, the dashing⁤ and‍ talented Mexican actor, ‍has ‌captured the hearts ‌of many with his charismatic on-screen presence. But behind the spotlight, Rulli has a supportive and loving partner by his side ⁤who has ‌been his ‌rock through the ‍ups and downs of his career. In this article, we will ⁤take a closer ⁤look at the woman who has stolen Rulli’s heart and stood‌ by him through thick and thin – his wife. ‍Join us ‌as we delve into ‌the life of Sebastian Rulli’s​ wife and discover the role ⁣she plays in his life and career.

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– A Look into the Personal Life of Actor​ Sebastian Rulli:‍ Meet‌ His Wife

Sebastian Rulli, known ‌for ‌his captivating⁣ performances on screen, has also managed to capture the hearts of many ​with his off-screen romance. ⁢Meet the stunning actress and model, Angelique‌ Boyer, who happens to be Sebastian Rulli’s wife. Their love story ‍has gained quite ⁣a following and continues to be a⁤ topic of ‍interest among fans.

Angelique Boyer and Sebastian Rulli first met ⁤on the set of the telenovela “Teresa” in ​2010. Sparks flew, and the two quickly became an item⁢ off-screen. Their relationship‌ has been ⁢nothing⁢ short of a ​fairytale, ⁤with the couple ‍frequently sharing ​their love for each other on social media.

Angelique​ Boyer, originally‍ from France, has made a name for herself in the entertainment ⁣industry,⁤ starring in various telenovelas ‍and⁢ gaining⁣ a‌ massive following. The⁣ power couple has been nothing but⁢ supportive⁤ of ​each other’s careers, often attending events and red carpets together. With their undeniable chemistry ‍and love⁣ for one ​another, Sebastian Rulli ‌and Angelique Boyer ​continue ⁣to be #CoupleGoals for many.

– Who is Sebastian Rulli’s Wife? A ⁢Closer Look at​ Their⁢ Relationship

Sebastian Rulli’s wife‍ is none other than the stunning Argentine actress and model, Angelique Boyer. The couple has been together for several years and⁤ their⁣ relationship has been‌ the subject of much admiration from fans and followers. Their love story ⁢has captured the hearts ⁢of many, and they are often seen‌ together at events,⁢ red carpets, and on social media, showcasing their strong bond and affection for each other.

Angelique Boyer, born in France, made ‍her mark in the entertainment industry through her roles in telenovelas and ​films. ‌She has gained a⁤ massive following due to her talent and beauty, and her relationship with Sebastian ⁤Rulli has only added‍ to ​the intrigue surrounding ​her. The‍ two have shared their love story with the public, and their fans often express ⁤their ​admiration for their relationship through social media and fan clubs.

Their chemistry on ⁤and off-screen is undeniable, and their love ⁢for ⁤each other shines through in every public ‌appearance and social media⁤ post. Their‌ relationship⁤ serves‍ as ⁢an inspiration for many, and⁤ they continue to be ⁤one of the most beloved celebrity couples in the entertainment industry. With their⁤ unwavering support for each⁤ other and their public display of affection, Sebastian ​Rulli and Angelique Boyer’s relationship is nothing ​short of a modern-day fairytale.

– The Power​ Couple: How Sebastian Rulli and‍ His⁣ Wife Navigate ‍Fame and ⁤Family

Sebastian Rulli and his wife are known ‌as one of the power couples in the entertainment industry. The Mexican ‍actor‌ and his Argentine actress wife,⁣ Cecilia‍ Galliano, have successfully‌ navigated ‌fame and family life, ‍showcasing an inspiring balance ‍between their careers and personal lives.

Here are some key aspects of Sebastian Rulli and his wife’s approach to managing their family and fame:

  • Shared Values: ‍The couple prioritizes their family and values spending quality time with their son, showing that their relationship and family are their top ⁤priorities.
  • Supportive Dynamic: ⁣Both Rulli‍ and his wife support​ each‍ other‍ in their individual careers, showing that a healthy, ‍supportive dynamic‍ is crucial ‌for a⁤ successful power​ couple.
  • Privacy: Despite⁣ their fame, the couple also⁣ values their⁤ privacy, demonstrating⁤ that⁤ they understand the importance of boundaries and personal‍ space in⁤ the public eye.

Sebastian Rulli ​and his ⁣wife’s ability to balance ⁤their high-profile careers with‌ their family⁣ life ​serves as an inspiration ​for many, proving that it is possible to thrive in‌ both⁤ aspects‍ of​ life‍ without compromising one for the⁤ other.

– Secrets to a Happy Marriage: What ‍We Can Learn from ⁤Sebastian Rulli and⁤ His Wife’s Relationship

When it comes to⁢ successful ​relationships, there⁤ is always⁢ something to be learned from those ‌who ‌have‍ stood⁢ the ⁢test of time. Sebastian Rulli and his wife, Cecilia Galliano, are a prime ⁢example of a couple who⁤ exemplify the key elements of a happy marriage. Their ⁢relationship serves ⁤as an inspiration⁤ for⁣ many, ​and there ⁢are valuable lessons to be gleaned⁤ from their‌ love⁣ story.

Here are some of ⁣the secrets to a happy marriage⁤ that we can learn from Sebastian Rulli and⁣ his wife’s relationship:

  • Communication: Open and honest communication ​is essential in any marriage. Sebastian⁣ and Cecilia have been‍ transparent about their ups and downs,‍ emphasizing the importance of talking through challenges.
  • Trust: Building trust is crucial in ‌a marriage. They have shown that trust forms the foundation of ‍their relationship and‌ has⁤ allowed them​ to grow and evolve together.
  • Support: ⁣Mutual support‍ is ‍key to a lasting ⁢marriage. ​Sebastian and Cecilia⁢ have consistently supported each ​other’s⁣ personal ⁤and professional endeavors, demonstrating the strength⁢ of their partnership.

By⁤ observing and understanding the dynamics ⁤of Sebastian Rulli and‍ Cecilia Galliano’s ⁣marriage, we can gain insights‌ into how to create and maintain a strong and happy relationship.


Q: ‍Who is Sebastian Rulli’s wife?
A: Sebastian ​Rulli’s wife is a ​fellow actress and model,⁤ Angelique Boyer.

Q: How long ⁢have Sebastian‍ Rulli and Angelique Boyer ⁢been together?
A: ​The couple⁣ has been in​ a relationship since 2014.

Q: How did Sebastian Rulli and ​Angelique Boyer ⁢meet?
A: Sebastian ‌and Angelique⁤ met on the set⁢ of the telenovela “Lo que​ la vida ⁤me robó” and began dating shortly after.

Q: What is the public’s perception of Sebastian Rulli⁤ and Angelique Boyer’s ⁤relationship?
A: The couple is often seen as one‍ of ‍the most admired and beloved couples⁤ in the entertainment​ industry, with their fans showing⁤ unwavering‌ support ⁤for their relationship.

Q: Are ⁣there ⁣any‌ rumors or controversies surrounding their marriage?
A: No, their marriage has been relatively‍ free⁣ from rumors or controversies, and they​ are often seen as a strong and happy couple.

Q: Have Sebastian‍ Rulli and Angelique Boyer collaborated professionally?
A: Yes, the couple has appeared in ⁢several telenovelas together, showcasing their⁣ chemistry both‍ on and off-screen.⁣ Their collaborations have been well-received by audiences.

Q: Do Sebastian Rulli and Angelique​ Boyer ‌have children ⁢together?
A: As of now, the couple does not have any children together, but they have ‍expressed their desire to start a family ‍in the ⁢future.

Q: How do ⁣Sebastian Rulli‌ and Angelique Boyer maintain a successful relationship despite ⁢being in the⁤ spotlight?
A: The couple ⁢has attributed the success ⁢of their ⁢relationship to ‍open communication, trust, and⁤ mutual⁢ support‌ for ⁤each other’s careers.⁣ They also prioritize spending⁤ quality time ​together and keeping their personal ⁤lives private.

In Summary

In conclusion, it is evident that Cecilia Galliano and Angelique Boyer have played significant roles in Sebastian Rulli’s personal life. Despite the⁢ challenges, Rulli and his wife have managed to navigate through their relationship with ‍strength ‍and resilience. The love and support ⁢they have shown​ for each other ⁢have proven that they are a formidable team. As they continue‌ to⁣ support each other in their individual ‌endeavors, it is clear that their bond will only grow⁢ stronger with ​time. We can only hope to⁣ see more beautiful moments from their journey as a couple in ⁣the⁢ near future.


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