Melvin Edmonds: The Unsung Hero of R&B


Hey there music lovers! Are you ⁢ready to take a walk⁣ down memory lane and revisit some smooth ⁢R&B tunes? Today, we’re going to be talking about​ none other than Mr. Melvin Edmonds, the soulful singer who blessed our ears with his sweet harmonies as a‌ member of the group After 7. Melvin’s silky voice could make even⁢ the ⁤most heartless person feel something, and we’re here to celebrate‌ his legacy. ⁤So grab your⁢ headphones, pour​ yourself‍ a glass ⁢of wine, and let’s get ready ⁤to groove to​ the sounds of Melvin Edmonds.

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Melvin Edmonds may not⁤ be a household name like his ⁢brother, Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds, but he played a crucial role in ⁣the success of their​ R&B⁢ group, After ⁤7.‌ With his ‍smooth vocals and‍ impeccable⁤ harmonies, Melvin ⁣was ⁤the backbone of the group’s sound, contributing to chart-topping hits like “Ready or Not” and “Can’t Stop”.

Despite his talent and contributions​ to the music industry, Melvin⁣ often flew under the radar, quietly doing his thing without seeking the spotlight. But true ⁤R&B fans know the importance of his role in After 7. His voice blended perfectly with his brother’s, creating a magical harmony that left listeners wanting more. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the man behind the music.

  • Three-time Grammy nominee with After 7
  • Part of​ the hit-making machine that churned out R&B classics in the 90s
  • The harmony king who never missed a note

Album Hit Single
Takin’ My Time Ready or Not
Reflections ‘Til You Do Me Right

So here’s to Melvin Edmonds,‌ the ⁤unsung hero of R&B. His smooth tones may⁣ not have always been front and center, but they were always present, making the music we love just a little bit sweeter. He may have left the spotlight too soon, but his legacy ⁤lives‍ on in every note of After 7‘s music.

From Backing Vocals to ‍Center Stage: Melvin’s Journey to Stardom

Melvin Edmonds, the man with a voice smoother than silk and⁤ a​ personality⁣ to match, didn’t start ​his career belting ​out ⁤solos on the big stage. Oh no, he began as a humble backing vocalist,⁢ providing harmonies and supporting the lead singers in the background. But as we all know, talent can’t ⁤stay hidden for long, and it wasn’t⁢ long ‌before he stepped into ​the ⁤spotlight.

With a​ voice that could make a grown man cry and a charm that could win‍ over even the ⁤toughest critic, ​Melvin quickly made a name for himself. He went from singing back-up for his brother’s R&B group, After 7, ⁢to taking center stage and shining as ​a solo artist.

  • Hit singles like “Can‍ He Love U Like This” and ⁢ “Hurt No More” showcased his vocal range ‍and emotional⁣ depth.
  • His collaboration with Whitney Houston on the song “My Love,​ Sweet Love” solidified his status as a powerhouse‍ vocalist.

Let’s be real, no one can resist a good come-up story, and Melvin’s journey to ⁣stardom ⁣is one for the books. ⁢From blending in with ⁢the background to shining in ​the center stage, he proved that with hard work and a ​killer voice, anything is possible.

Year Song Chart Position
1992 Can He Love U⁢ Like This #7 R&B
1999 Hurt No More #15 R&B
1997 My Love, Sweet Love #57 US

Melvin’s Smooth⁢ Moves: How He Kept it Cool on and off the Stage

Melvin Edmonds was known⁣ for his smooth⁢ moves on stage as a⁢ member of the R&B group ​After 7, but he was just as cool and collected off‍ stage as well. He had a ‍certain charisma that made everyone want​ to be around him, and he knew how to keep his cool in ‌any situation.

**First and foremost**, Melvin knew the importance of staying humble. No matter how successful he became with hits ​like “Ready or Not” and “Can’t Stop,” he always⁤ remained grounded and treated ⁤everyone with respect. This down-to-earth attitude kept him approachable and easy to work with, which is probably why his bandmates and​ fans adored him.

**Secondly**, Melvin had an impeccable sense of style. He always looked ⁣sharp, whether he was on stage in a‌ tailored suit or just out and about in a casual outfit. He knew⁢ how to‍ dress for any occasion and his fashion choices only added to his ​smooth persona.

Fashion Favorites Occasion
Sleek Suits On Stage
Leather Jacket Casual Outing
Sunglasses Daytime Events

**Last but not least**, Melvin’s sense of ⁣humor kept‍ things light and fun. He had‌ a quick wit and could always make those around him laugh. Even in ⁣high-pressure situations, he knew how to crack a joke‌ and put everyone at ease.‍ It’s no wonder he was​ so‌ well-loved by his peers and fans alike. Melvin Edmonds was ​truly a master of keeping it cool, on and off the stage.

Melvin’s Top Hits: A Guide to⁢ His⁢ Soulful Discography

If ⁤you’re a fan of soulful R&B, then you’re probably familiar with the smooth sounds of Melvin Edmonds. ‍With his rich voice and heartfelt lyrics, Edmonds has been serenading listeners for‍ decades. Here’s a⁢ look at some of ⁤his top hits that⁣ are sure to get you in your feelings.

First up, we have “I Swear”, a classic ballad that showcases Edmonds’ vocal prowess. This song is⁢ perfect for when you​ want​ to profess your undying love to that special someone. Just make sure you have ⁤a box⁢ of tissues ⁣nearby, because it’s a real ⁢tear-jerker.

Next, we have “Can You Stand The Rain”. This track ⁤is a true test of loyalty, asking if your partner can weather the storm with you. It’s the perfect song⁢ to play during a⁣ cuddle⁣ session on a rainy day. Plus, with ⁣Edmonds’ smooth⁣ vocals, you’ll​ be swooning in ‍no time.

Of course, we‍ can’t forget “Ready or Not”. This upbeat ⁢tune is all ⁤about taking⁤ a leap of faith in love. So if you’re⁢ feeling bold and ready to take a chance, this is the song for‌ you. Just ⁢be warned, it’s so ‌catchy you’ll ‍be singing it for days.

Check out the table​ below for a quick rundown of Melvin Edmonds’ top hits:

Song Title Release⁤ Year Chart Position
I Swear 1994 1
Can You Stand The Rain 1988 44
Ready or Not 1990 7

So there ​you have it, a guide to Melvin Edmonds’ top hits. Whether you’re in the mood⁣ for a slow jam or an upbeat bop, Edmonds has you covered. Now go ahead and ⁣add these tracks to⁤ your playlist, and let the soulful sounds of Melvin Edmonds take ⁢you away.


Q: Who is Melvin Edmonds?

A: Melvin Edmonds was a member of the R&B group After ⁣7, and also the older sibling of famous ‌music​ producer Kenny⁣ “Babyface” Edmonds. He’s basically R&B royalty,⁤ just with less bling and more soulful harmonies.

Q: What was Melvin Edmonds known for?

A: Melvin was known for his smooth vocals and killer mustache. He ​was a key member of After 7,⁢ with hits⁢ like “Ready or Not” and “Can’t Stop.” He also‌ had a brief solo career, but let’s be real, he was always destined to be part ‌of a‍ group ​- like the Destiny’s Child of ⁢R&B, ​but with less drama‍ and more facial hair.

Q: What was Melvin Edmonds’ biggest hit?

A:⁢ That would be “Ready or Not,” which reached No. 7 on the Billboard Hot ⁢100 chart ‌in 1990. It’s the kind of song that ⁢makes​ you want to slow dance with your ⁤high school⁤ crush, or at the very least, sway awkwardly by yourself in your bedroom.

Q: When did Melvin Edmonds pass away?

A: Sadly, Melvin passed away in 2019 at the age of 65. But his music lives on, and we can all take comfort in knowing that ​somewhere in the great beyond, he’s still hitting those high notes and rocking that stache.

Q: What’s the best way to honor Melvin ⁤Edmonds’ legacy?

A: By belting out After 7 songs at the top⁤ of your lungs in the shower, of course! Or, you know, by listening to his music and‌ appreciating the smooth, soulful sounds he brought to the world. Either ⁤way,‍ just make sure you’re​ doing it with ‍as much passion and flair as‍ Melvin did.

Future Outlook

Well folks, ‌that ⁣wraps up our little stroll down ⁤memory lane with‍ the one‍ and only Melvin Edmonds. We laughed, we cried, and we definitely ⁣grooved to some smooth R&B jams. As we say goodbye to this soulful legend, let’s remember to keep his music alive by blasting it at all family gatherings and⁤ awkward⁣ office parties.‌ Until next time, keep‌ your head to the sky and your heart in the music. Peace out!‍


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