Rick Lagina’s Wife: Exploring Her Personal and Professional Journey


Rick Lagina is a well-known reality television star who, along with his brother Marty, stars in the popular History Channel series The Curse of Oak Island.

While the show focuses primarily on their search for ancient artifacts and treasure on the mysterious island off the coast of Nova Scotia, Rick’s personal life has also been an interesting topic of conversation. This includes speculation about his marital status.

Rick Lagina’s wife

Rick Lagina’s wife is none other than the talented and beautiful Karen Lagina. She is a relatively private person who rarely makes appearances on The Curse of Oak Island, but she has been married to Rick for over 30 years. Karen and Rick met in their hometown of Kingsford, Michigan, where they attended high school together. Karen currently works as an accountant for a local business in Michigan, and she and Rick have two children together.

Early life and background

Karen Lagina was born and raised in Kingsford, Michigan, where she met her husband, Rick Lagina. She graduated from Kingsford High School in 1988. After graduation, Karen attended college at Central Michigan University, where she earned a degree in accounting. Over the years, she has worked for various companies as an accountant.

In 1989, Karen and Rick tied the knot in a private ceremony at a local church. The couple resides in Kingsford, Michigan, where they are raising their two children, Alex and Maddie Lagina.

Professional life

Karen Lagina is a highly-skilled accountant who has worked for a variety of companies throughout her career. She earned her degree in accounting from Central Michigan University and has been working in the field since then. She currently works for a local business in Michigan, where she handles all financial matters. Karen is an experienced professional who takes great pride in her work.

Personal interests and hobbies

Karen Lagina enjoys a wide variety of hobbies in her spare time. She has a passion for travel and exploring new places, and she often joins Rick on his work trips. Karen is also an avid reader who loves to lose herself in books. She also takes part in several outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking, and kayaking. In addition, Karen is a talented painter who enjoys creating beautiful works of art.

Her relationship with Rick Lagina

Karen and Rick Lagina have been married for more than 30 years, and their relationship continues to grow stronger each day. They share a strong bond that is built on trust and respect. The couple often travels together, both for pleasure and work purposes. Karen also takes part in many of the activities organized by Rick’s production company, Prometheus Entertainment. Her presence in events such as the Oak Island Traveler’s Club meetings allows her to show her support for Rick and his endeavors.

In conclusion, Karen Lagina is a supportive wife and mother who has been married to Rick Lagina for more than three decades. Despite staying relatively out of the spotlight, she often shows her support for Rick’s career by attending events related to The Curse of Oak Island.

Social media presence

Karen Lagina is not active on social media, preferring to stay out of the spotlight and keep her personal life private. Despite this, Rick often posts photos of his wife on his official Instagram page. These images range from family holidays to behind-the-scenes moments at The Curse of Oak Island tapings. In addition, Karen is occasionally featured in promotional materials for Rick and his production company, Prometheus Entertainment.

Philanthropic activities

Karen Lagina is an active philanthropist who dedicates a lot of her time and resources to charitable causes. She often supports local organizations in her hometown of Kingsford, Michigan. Karen also participates in several fundraising activities, such as auctions and benefits for various charities. Rick and Karen have been known to donate generously to causes that are close to their hearts, including animal welfare, education, healthcare, and environmental protection.


Karen Lagina is a loving wife, mother, and philanthropist. She has been married to Rick Lagina for more than 30 years, and the couple have two children together. Karen’s professional life as an accountant keeps her busy, while her personal interests and hobbies bring her joy in her free time.

Although she prefers to stay out of the spotlight, Karen often shows her support for Rick’s endeavors by accompanying him on work trips and attending events related to The Curse of Oak Island. In addition, she dedicates a lot of time and resources to charitable causes, making her a kind-hearted woman who is truly devoted to helping others.


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