Taye Diggs Net Worth: How Much Has He Earned from Acting and Other Ventures?


Taye Diggs is an American actor, producer, singer, and Broadway star who has amassed a considerable net worth over the course of his illustrious career. From his renowned roles in films such as How Stella Got Her Groove Back and Rent to his Tony Award-winning performance in Wicked on Broadway, Diggs has carved a niche for himself in Hollywood. With a net worth estimated to be in the millions, Taye Diggs is certainly one of the wealthiest actors in Hollywood.

Who is Taye Diggs?

Taye Diggs is an American actor, producer, singer and Broadway star who has become a household name for his impressive roles in films such as How Stella Got Her Groove Back and Rent. He won a Tony Award for his performance in Wicked on Broadway, furthering his impressive career as an entertainer. With a net worth estimated to be in the millions, Diggs is one of the wealthiest actors in Hollywood.

Taye Diggs has achieved remarkable success in his career and life, and he shows no signs of slowing down. He is a man of many talents who continues to put his wealth and fame to use for the greater good. Diggs’ legacy will be remembered as one of an actor, director, producer and philanthropist who used his influence to help make the world a better place.

Taye Diggs’ Net Worth Over the Years

Estimated net worth at the start of his career

At the start of his career, Taye Diggs was estimated to have a net worth of around $2 million. His early acting roles in television shows and movies such as Jefferson (1995), Private Practice (2008-2013), and Grey’s Anatomy (2008-2009) helped him amass his initial wealth. Additionally, his success on Broadway in Rent earned him a Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Musical.

Net worth as his career progressed

As his career progressed, Taye Diggs’ net worth increased significantly. In addition to his continuing roles in film and television, he was able to grow his wealth through producing and directing ventures. He executive produced and directed several episodes of the TV series Private Practice (2008-2013) as well as co-producing the drama series All American (2018-present). Furthermore, he earned additional income through endorsement deals and commercials. In 2000, he was the spokesperson for the Gap’s “Khakis Swing” campaign and, more recently, became a brand ambassador for Tissot.

Taye Diggs’ Net Worth Now

Taye Diggs’ current estimated net worth is reported to be $16 million. Throughout his career, he has amassed a considerable fortune from his prolific acting roles in films and TV shows such as Rent (1996), How Stella Got Her Groove Back (1998), The Best Man (1999), Grey’s Anatomy (2008-2009) and Private Practice ( 2008-2013). He has also generated wealth from producing and directing ventures, endorsements, and commercial deals.

Taye Diggs’ Early Life and Career

Education and early career

Taye Diggs was born Scott Leo Diggs on January 2, 1971, in Newark, New Jersey. He grew up in Rochester, New York where he attended Allendale Columbia School and later graduated from the University of Syracuse with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1993.

After college, Diggs moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. He made his debut in the television movie “Jefferson” and went on to appear in a number of films and television series such as “How Stella Got Her Groove Back”, “Chicago”, and “Private Practice”, among others.

Breakthrough in “Rent”

Taye Diggs’ career skyrocketed when he landed the role of Benny in the 1996 Broadway musical Rent. He played the landlord and love interest of Maureen, played by fellow Broadway star, Idina Menzel. His performance earned him a Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Musical, as well as critical acclaim from theatre critics and fans alike.

Other notable acting roles

In addition to his breakout role in Rent, Taye Diggs has appeared in several other notable films and television series. He starred alongside Angela Basset in How Stella Got Her Groove Back (1998) and opposite Denzel Washington in The Best Man (1999). He also appeared in the acclaimed medical drama Grey’s Anatomy from 2008 to 2009.

Sources of Taye Diggs’ Net Worth

Acting career

Taye Diggs has built a prolific career in Hollywood, appearing in various films and television series since the mid-1990s. Some of his most notable roles include Benny in Rent (1996), Winston Shakespeare in How Stella Got Her Groove Back (1998), Harper Stanfield in The Best Man (1999) and Dr Sam Bennett in Grey’s Anatomy (2008 -2009). From these roles and more, Diggs has earned a considerable sum.

Producing and directing

Taye Diggs has also earned a substantial income from producing and directing. He produced and directed the 2009 musical film, It’s a Mall World, which was awarded Best Picture at the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival. In addition, he executive produced and directed several episodes of the TV series Private Practice (2008-2013). Most recently, he co-produced the drama series All American, which has been running since 2018.

Endorsement deals and commercial work

In addition to his impressive film and television credits, Taye Diggs has also earned a significant income from endorsement deals and commercials. In 2000, he was the spokesperson for the Gap’s “Khakis Swing” campaign and appeared in print ads and television commercials as part of the promotion. More recently, he was announced as a brand ambassador for the luxury watch company Tissot.

Notable Assets and Lifestyle

Taye Diggs owns several properties in the United States. His primary residence is a 5,000-square-foot estate in Los Angeles, California which he purchased for $2.3 million in 2004. He also owns a 3,500-square-foot home in the Hollywood Hills that was bought for $2.5 million and a luxurious apartment located in New York City’s chic Upper West Side.

Taye Diggs is known for his love of luxury cars. He owns several high-end vehicles, including a Bentley Continental GT, a Rolls-Royce Ghost, and a Mercedes S550. His other possessions include a boat, motorcycles, and a collection of designer watches. Additionally, he has an impressive wardrobe of designer clothing and accessories .

Charity work and philanthropy

Taye Diggs is an avid philanthropist who has dedicated time and resources to a variety of charitable causes. He founded the charity, The Creative Outlet, in 2000 with the mission of providing free dance classes for underprivileged children. He also serves as a board member for the non-profit organization, Step Up Women’s Network, which assists women from disadvantaged backgrounds in achieving success in the workplace. In addition, Diggs is an ambassador for the World of Children award program which provides grants to individuals and organizations that are improving the lives of children globally.

Taye Diggs’ Future Plans

Taye Diggs is currently working on a number of upcoming projects. He recently signed on to star in the romantic comedy, Cupid’s Revenge, which follows two people who are brought together by fate. He also has a starring role in the drama series Snowfall, and will appear alongside Idris Elba in the action-thriller film Concrete Cowboys. Additionally, he is set to produce and direct the upcoming film adaptation of the musical Rent, and will also star in it.

Taye Diggs has an eye for potential business ventures. He is developing several projects, including a lifestyle brand and an app to help people find the best restaurants, bars, and clubs in their area. He is also exploring opportunities in the film and television industry as an executive producer and director. Furthermore, he recently launched his record label, Diggs Music, to promote music from up-and-coming artists.

Long-term goals and aspirations

Taye Diggs has big plans for the future and is determined to continue building his success in the entertainment industry. His long-term goals include further expanding his production and directing career and developing more business ventures. Additionally, he wants to use his platform to advocate for causes close to his heart. He plans to use his wealth and fame to do good in the world and to make it a better place for future generations.


Taye Diggs is an accomplished actor, producer, director and philanthropist who has amassed an estimated net worth of $16 million. He rose to fame in 1996 for his role in the musical Rent and has since earned critical acclaim for his work in various films, television shows and plays. Additionally, he has directed and produced several projects as well as launched his own record label. He is also an avid philanthropist who has dedicated time and resources to a variety of charitable causes.



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