What Happened to PopularMMOs and Why Did He Leave YouTube?


PopularMMOs was one of the biggest YouTube channels of the early 2010s, thanks to its creative and entertaining gaming content. Millions worldwide tuned in to watch Pat and Jen, a real-life couple, play everything from Minecraft mod packs to Roblox minigames.

But in recent years, the channel has gone largely silent, leaving viewers wondering what happened to PopularMMOs.

Who are PopularMMOs?

PopularMMOs first rose to fame in the early 2010s as one of the most popular YouTube gaming channels. The channel was created by real-life couple Pat and Jen, known for their creative and entertaining content. They consistently released videos featuring them playing various games, such as Minecraft modpacks, Roblox minigames, and more. Their videos quickly gained massive traction, and their channel amassed millions of subscribers.

Controversy and Breakup


PopularMMOs’ success was not without controversy. Pat and Jen’s relationship began to show signs of strain in late 2018 after allegations of infidelity surfaced against Pat. In addition, viewers noticed that Pat and Jen had started separating their videos between “Pat’s Play” and “Jen’s Play,” leading many to speculate whether the couple was in the process of breaking up.

The allegations and rumors were eventually confirmed in 2019 when Jen announced that she and Pat had decided to separate and would no longer be making videos together on PopularMMOs. Instead, she started her gaming channel, GamingWithJen. This shocked viewers, as it meant that one of YouTube’s most popular gaming channels was effectively ending its run.


In the wake of the controversy, Pat and Jen eventually decided it was best for them to end their marriage. This meant that PopularMMOs was effectively ending its run as a joint channel. To keep producing content, Jen launched her gaming channel, GamingWithJen. Meanwhile, Pat went on to create a new track called Pat Plays.

New Beginnings

Following the breakup, Pat and Jen each went on to launch their channels. Pat created a new track called Pat & Friends, which featured him playing various games alongside his friends. The content was similar to PopularMMOs’ but included new elements such as game reviews, live streams, etc. Pat has since managed to amass millions of subscribers on this new channel.

Since the breakup of PopularMMOs, Pat has focused on creating positive content for his fans. His new channel, Pat & Friends, is all about having fun playing various games and exploring new ones with his friends. The track also features reviews and live streams to keep viewers updated on the latest games and gaming news. Through this content, Pat can provide a positive experience for his viewers while staying true to his roots as a gaming YouTuber.

Success and Future Plans

Pat & Friends’ success

Since the launch of Pat & Friends, Pat has seen tremendous success with his channel. He’s built a loyal and engaged fanbase that tunes in to watch him play various games. His videos are consistently filled with positive energy and enthusiasm, which resonates with viewers and keeps them returning for more. In addition, his reviews and live streams have earned him even more fans due to his in-depth knowledge of gaming and the industry.

PopularMMOs’ plans

Looking ahead, it is likely that PopularMMOs has some exciting plans for the future. Pat has already established himself as one of the top gaming YouTubers with his channel Pat & Friends, and he’s sure to keep pushing forward with even more creative content. Fans can expect him to continue exploring new games and providing in-depth reviews while playing fan favorites like Minecraft and Roblox. With Pat at the helm, it’s sure to be an exciting future for PopularMMOs and its viewers.


PopularMMOs have had quite a journey over the years. From its launch in 2012, the channel quickly rose to become one of YouTube’s most popular gaming channels. However, after deciding to end their marriage and split up, Pat and Jen each went on to launch their channels. While it may have initially shocked viewers, Pat has since managed to build a successful gaming channel in Pat & Friends, with millions of subscribers tuning in to watch him play various games. As PopularMMOs continues on its journey, fans can look forward to more creative content and exciting gaming experiences from the channel in the future.


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