Mastering Work and Study: Insights and Tips from an Inspirational Mind


My elder brother is a very accomplished person in psychology. He became an associate professor at Stanford University in his thirties and is also an expert in parenting. After communicating with him, I gained a lot of experience.

What are Work and Study Tips

Work and study tips are strategies that can help you to be successful in both school and work. These tips can include things like time management, goal setting, and staying organized. Additionally, it’s important to remain motivated and have a positive attitude.


Rewards must be feedback-type and deterministic. Some parents reward their children one dollar for memorizing a word and fifty for memorizing an article. The child’s ability improves rapidly, and positive feedback is formed.

Confused parents tell their children that the top three in the final exam will reward them with a day trip to Disneyland. This is often ineffective because most people do not respond to long-term incentives.

Many children will be superficial. They quickly learn how to outwit their parents. For example, reward him with a cone after reading a book. Likely, he will not read the book seriously at first but flip through the book casually, just pretending.

Then accept the prize, what a bad employee’s attitude towards work. Therefore, rewards must be measurable. That is, I will only reward what results are achieved. This requires repeated games between parents and children.

In addition, the most effective incentives are called random rewards. Many people have played games where treasures drop randomly, and this phenomenon can easily make people unable to extricate themselves. In the end, we still need to ponder how to operate.

There is also self-motivation. The best example is a little friend of mine because he eats too much at night, and he became a fat man weighing more than 200 catties. We gave him advice and made him decide not to eat after lunch.

So he began to reward himself. At first, it was a three-day cycle, but later it was changed to a five-day one. At the end of each cycle, he rewarded himself with products such as high-end mice, mechanical keyboards, and headphones.

He persisted for two months and finally gave up dinner, and now he has not eaten dinner for more than a year, fasting 18 hours a day. Now his weight has dropped to one hundred and seventy catties. Although he is still fat, he has lost dozens of catties.

He is in good spirits now; his high blood pressure and fatty liver are all gone. Some time ago, he told me that his weight loss process was like quitting drugs, and he had nothing to love, but he survived.


A person can only be effective if he practices in the challenge zone. The circle practice of the donkey lamo is useless. Of course, pursuing too difficult goals will also hurt people’s enthusiasm.

For example, if your child is learning mathematics or you are learning to program, you cannot directly tackle the most complicated problems. Otherwise, you will collapse soon. The best way to learn is to learn more difficult but practice solidly at each stage.

But it is very difficult to identify what kind of path is a continuous challenge accurately. Most people fail here. Either they can’t figure it out, no one guides them, or the person who guides them is a fool.

First, lay a solid foundation, and then upgrade the level. Most games are designed in this way. Those who have played “PUBG Mobile” and “Glory of the King” must have this understanding.

When you first started playing the game, the system recognized you as a rookie and asked you to attend the novice camp. The novice camp even set up the role of artificial intelligence for you to practice.

As your playing time increases, you can go to higher-level places, where the level of people is getting higher and higher, and your abilities have also been exercised. You can then go to higher levels. This game setting allows you to practice, challenge, and have fun.

If you are put together with users who have played hundreds of hours of the game from the beginning, and you die every time you start, then it is no wonder that you can like this game. If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, sign up for a game to play, and use the logic I said to understand and play, and you will have a deep feeling. By playing the game, you can understand that the people who design the game are senior psychologists.

My senior brother took a client and asked him to cultivate a child’s interest in mathematics. He said that this is too easy to cultivate. It is to let children practice, advance, and challenge continuously and give them random rewards. This is like playing a game. Through this method, children will soon fall in love with mathematics.

Many people like to chat about talents. Regarding the difficulty of the college entrance examination, it has nothing to do with talent. As I often say, a code farmer with a monthly salary of less than 30,000 in Beijing only needs junior high school mathematics. Such things as talent are only necessary if you are a mathematician or something, and it doesn’t involve getting into a university.


Only when a person has mastered complex tools can he truly have the ability? It is useless if he only masters simple tools. For example, a mobile phone is a simple tool. Strictly speaking, it is not a tool but a consumer product.

AI will be the same in the future.

Don’t listen to those who dare to say anything to make money. The most reasonable speculation should be a statement from MIT that artificial intelligence is also a tool and will cooperate more deeply with humans.

Just like the Mauser rifle was replaced by the Maxim machine gun, the efficiency has improved dramatically. After the efficiency is improved, more people will participate in the division of labor, and more jobs will be created.

Use too simple tools, and you won’t have any breakthroughs. So you have to go out of your way to master complex tools.


Pilots can’t be considered veterans if they fly planes for less than a thousand hours. Marathon runners run dozens of kilometers every day. Excellent programmers also come from typing lines of code in a book.

In the early stage of learning, a person has no direction, no thinking, and no sense of the overall situation. The most important thing is to invest time continuously, and it will suddenly become clear after a while. Many people learn new skills without achieving anything, and they die before this point in time.


Exercise is not as simple as being used to lose weight, and I have experienced this myself. A book called “Exercise Changes the Brain” says that exercise has a good effect on children with ADHD.

Many people have ADHD when they are young and can’t concentrate on learning. When children learn poorly, parents will beat and scold them. Parents often have the problem of being unable to concentrate, which is inherited.

It may torture you daily, but you don’t know it yourself. For example, no matter what you do, you can’t concentrate for ten minutes. Give up easily and get annoyed easily. These are the characteristics of ADHD.


To sum up, it is important to use complex tools and invest time continuously in order to become an excellent person. Additionally, exercise has many positive effects on people, especially children with ADHD. With the right attitude and determination, anyone can master any skill and achieve their goals.

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