Meet the Cast of ‘You’ Season 3: Exploring the Intriguing Characters and Anticipating Their Twisted Journeys


The hit Netflix drama “You” has returned with a brand new season full of intense drama and thrilling twists.

Season 3 features an all-star cast of familiar faces and fresh talent, sure to keep viewers hooked as they follow Joe Goldberg’s (Penn Badgley) latest journey.

What is “You”

“You” is a psychological thriller created by Sera Gamble and Greg Berlanti. The show follows Joe Goldberg, played by Penn Badgley, who meets a young woman named Guinevere Beck in a bookstore and becomes obsessed with her.

The concept of “You” is both captivating and unsettling, exploring themes of obsession, manipulation, and violence in a way that keeps viewers on the edge of their seat.

The third season of Netflix’s hit show “You” features an all-star cast of acclaimed actors and fresh talent, sure to keep viewers hooked as they follow Joe Goldberg’s latest journey. Penn Badgley returns as the lead, reprising his role as Joe Goldberg.

Main Characters

Joe Goldberg (played by Penn Badgley)

Joe Goldberg is the main protagonist of the show “You” and is portrayed by Penn Badgley. He is a young bookstore manager who meets Guinevere Beck and becomes obsessed with her. Joe’s actions become increasingly dangerous as he does whatever it takes to win Guinevere’s affection, even if it means breaking the law or manipulating those around him.

In the first two seasons of “You,” Joe Goldberg demonstrates his obsession with Guinevere Beck and will do whatever it takes to get her attention. He uses manipulation, intimidation, and violence to achieve his goal.

As the third season of “You” approaches, fans are eager to see the direction of Penn Badgley’s character Joe Goldberg. With his disturbing actions in previous seasons, viewers are left wondering how he will develop over the course of the new season.

Love Quinn (played by Victoria Pedretti)

Love Quinn is a main character in “You” Season 3, portrayed by Victoria Pedretti. She is an aspiring chef who meets Joe Goldberg at Anavrin, a health food store where she works. Love quickly becomes infatuated with Joe, and they soon move in together and begin to form a relationship.

Love Quinn is a complex character with a mysterious past. Her motivations are not always clear, as she often hides her true feelings from Joe and those around her. Despite being an independent woman, she appears to be drawn to Joe’s dangerous behavior and finds herself attracted to him despite his violent tendencies.

As “You” enters its third season, fans are dying to know what will happen next between Joe and Love Quinn.

Supporting Characters

Ellie Alves (played by Jenna Ortega)

Ellie Alves is a supporting character in “You” Season 3, portrayed by Jenna Ortega. She is Joe Goldberg’s teenage neighbor who is determined to uncover his secrets. After witnessing one of Joe’s violent outbursts, she becomes suspicious and decides to investigate him.

In the previous two seasons of “You,” Ellie Alves had a few run-ins with Joe Goldberg. She first witnessed him commit a violent act against Delilah and becomes suspicious of his character.

It is unclear how Ellie Alves will interact with Joe Goldberg in the upcoming third season of “You.” While her detective skills have already uncovered some of his secrets, it is likely that she will continue to dig deeper and attempt to expose him for who he truly is.

Forty Quinn (played by James Scully)

Forty Quinn is a supporting character in “You” Season 3, portrayed by James Scully. He is Love Quinn’s twin brother who has a strained relationship with Joe due to their complicated past.

Forty Quinn is set to make a big impact on the storyline in season three of “You,” as his presence will complicate matters between Joe and Love. It is likely that Forty will continue to be suspicious of Joe, and possibly even go so far as to confront him and try to expose his true nature.

Other notable characters (if applicable)

In addition to Ellie Alves and Forty Quinn, there are several other characters who appear throughout the seasons of “You” who are important to the story.

The supporting characters of “You” season three are sure to have a major impact on the storyline. Ellie Alves, Forty Quinn, and Candace Stone will all be key players as their involvement with Joe will complicate matters for him.

New Additions to the Cast

Season three of “You” will see the introduction of several new characters who are sure to become important additions to the story. Fans can expect to see Shalita Grant portraying Sherry, a private investigator hired by Joe’s ex-girlfriend Candace to track down information on him.

The addition of new characters to season three of “You” is sure to create an interesting dynamic as they become involved in Joe’s life.

The new characters joining season three of “You” will be portrayed by some well-known actors and actresses in the industry.


The upcoming season of “You” is sure to bring some exciting changes and additions to the show. With the introduction of new characters such as Sherry, played by Shalita Grant, and Forty Quinn, portrayed by Foty Quinn, the dynamics of Joe’s life promise to become even more complicated than before.

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