5 Romantic Boutonniere Styles for Your Wedding Day


The boutonniere has long been a symbol of romance and sophistication, adding a touch of elegance to any formal occasion. With a wide variety of styles to choose from, you can find the perfect boutonniere to complement your personal style and add a dash of flair to your ensemble. From classic roses to modern succulents, the options are endless when it comes to creating a stunning boutonniere that will capture the heart and steal the show. So, let’s delve into the enchanting world of boutonniere styles and discover the perfect bloom to elevate your look and set hearts aflutter.

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Elegant and Timeless Floral Boutonniere Styles

When it comes to weddings, every detail matters, including the boutonniere. These small, elegant floral arrangements are a timeless accessory for the groom and his groomsmen. There are many boutonniere styles to choose from, each offering its unique touch of elegance and romance.

Rose Boutonniere: A classic choice for weddings, the rose boutonniere exudes timeless elegance. Whether you opt for a single red rose or a delicate white rose, this style adds a touch of romance to the groom’s ensemble.

Calla Lily Boutonniere: The sleek and sophisticated calla lily boutonniere is perfect for the modern wedding. Its long, slender shape and graceful curve make it a stylish choice for the fashion-forward groom.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Boutonniere for Your Wedding

When it comes to choosing the perfect boutonniere for your wedding, there are several important factors to consider. From the style and color to the type of flower and overall design, your boutonniere should complement the overall aesthetic of your wedding while also reflecting your personal style. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect boutonniere for your special day:

Consider Your Wedding Theme: Whether you’re having a classic, romantic, rustic, or modern wedding, it’s essential to choose a boutonniere that fits the theme. For a classic wedding, a simple rose or carnation boutonniere would be perfect, while a rustic wedding might call for a more natural and organic design using wildflowers or greenery.

Personalize It: Your boutonniere should reflect your personality and style. Consider adding personal touches such as a small charm, button, or ribbon that holds special meaning to you and your partner. It’s also a great idea to coordinate the boutonniere with your partner’s bouquet for a cohesive look.

Creative and Unique Boutonniere Styles to Match Your Personality

When it comes to wedding accessories, boutonnieres are the perfect way to add a touch of personality and flair to a groom’s ensemble. From traditional blooms to unconventional materials, there are countless creative and unique boutonniere styles to choose from that can perfectly match your personality and wedding theme.

One of the most popular and timeless boutonniere styles is the classic rose. However, for those looking for a more unique option, there are plenty of alternatives to consider. Succulents, feathers, berries, and even small fruits like mini pomegranates or kumquats can make for stunning and unexpected boutonniere accents. Additionally, incorporating non-floral elements like vintage brooches, fabric flowers, or even miniature seashells can add a touch of whimsy and individuality to your boutonniere.

Incorporating Meaningful Elements into Your Boutonniere Design

When it comes to crafting the perfect boutonniere, incorporating meaningful elements can add an extra layer of sentiment and romance to the design. Consider infusing personal touches that reflect the wearer’s personality or the theme of the event. From traditional flowers to unique accents, here are some creative ideas for infusing significance into your boutonniere:

**Symbolic Blooms**: Choose flowers that hold special meanings, such as roses for love, orchids for strength, or lilies for purity. Incorporating these blooms not only adds beauty to the boutonniere but also conveys a deeper message.

**Family Heirlooms**: Infuse sentimental value into the design by incorporating family heirlooms, such as a small piece of lace from a grandmother’s wedding veil or a trinket passed down through generations. These cherished items can be delicately incorporated into the boutonniere for a truly meaningful touch.

**Customized Accents**: Personalize the boutonniere with customized accents, such as mini photo frames, monogrammed charms, or engraved tags. These thoughtful additions can make the boutonniere a unique and meaningful keepsake for the wearer.

Incorporating meaningful elements into a boutonniere design not only adds significance to the accessory but also creates a romantic and memorable touch for any special occasion. Whether it’s a wedding, prom, or anniversary celebration, taking the time to infuse sentiment into the boutonniere design can elevate the overall experience and leave a lasting impression.

How to Coordinate Your Boutonniere Style with Your Partner’s Corsage

When it comes to planning the perfect wedding, every detail counts, including the coordination of boutonnieres and corsages. There are many ways to ensure that your boutonniere style complements your partner’s corsage, creating a cohesive and romantic look for your special day.

To start, it’s important to consider the overall theme and color scheme of your wedding. Whether your wedding has a rustic, bohemian, or classic theme, your boutonniere and corsage should reflect this style. Coordinate your choices to ensure they align with the overall aesthetic of your wedding.

Another important aspect to consider is the size and shape of your floral accessories. If your partner’s corsage features large, dramatic blooms, consider choosing a similarly bold boutonniere to match. On the other hand, if the corsage is more understated, a smaller, delicate boutonniere can create a balanced and harmonious look.

In addition to considering the style and size of your floral pieces, it’s also important to think about the specific flowers and greenery you’ll be incorporating. Coordinate the types of flowers and foliage used in both the boutonniere and corsage to create a seamless and romantic look. For example, if your partner’s corsage features white roses and eucalyptus, consider incorporating these same elements into your boutonniere for a coordinated and romantic effect. With attention to detail and coordination, your boutonniere and corsage will enhance the romance and elegance of your special day.


Q: What is a boutonniere and why is it important for special occasions?
A: A boutonniere is a floral decoration worn on the lapel of a jacket, typically for formal events like weddings, proms, or special dinners. It adds a touch of elegance and romance to the outfit, making the wearer look more polished and refined.

Q: What are some popular boutonniere styles for weddings?
A: Popular boutonniere styles for weddings include classic roses, rustic wildflowers, and elegant succulents. These styles can complement the overall theme and color scheme of the wedding, adding a romantic and charming touch to the groom and groomsmen’s attire.

Q: How can I choose the right boutonniere style for my wedding?
A: When choosing a boutonniere style for your wedding, consider the overall theme and color palette of the event, as well as the groom’s personal style and the types of flowers that are in season. It’s important to find a style that complements the bridal bouquet and the bridesmaids’ flowers, creating a cohesive and romantic look.

Q: Are there any modern boutonniere styles that are gaining popularity?
A: Yes, modern boutonnieres featuring unique greenery, exotic blooms, and non-traditional elements such as feathers, ribbons, or jewels are becoming increasingly popular. These styles add a contemporary and romantic flair to the groom’s attire, making a statement and reflecting his individual personality.

Q: What are some tips for wearing and caring for a boutonniere?
A: When wearing a boutonniere, place it on the left lapel of the jacket, angled slightly upward. To ensure it stays fresh and vibrant throughout the day, keep the boutonniere in a cool place before the event and mist it with water occasionally. After the event, carefully remove the boutonniere and place it in a vase with water to preserve it as a romantic keepsake.

Closing Remarks

As we conclude our journey through the magical world of boutonniere styles, we hope that you have been inspired to add a touch of romance and elegance to your special occasions. Whether it’s a classic rose boutonniere or a modern succulent design, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating the perfect finishing touch for your ensemble. With the right boutonniere, you can express your unique style and personality, and make a lasting impression on those around you. So, as you venture forth into the world of floral fashion, remember to embrace the beauty and grace that a carefully chosen boutonniere can bring to your look. Here’s to creating unforgettable memories and celebrating love in its many splendid forms!


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