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Nestled in the heart of Johnson City, the Johnson City Country Club offers an unparalleled experience of luxury and exclusivity. From its pristine golf course to its elegant dining options, this private club provides its members with a level of sophistication and refinement that is unmatched in the area. Whether you are looking to indulge in a leisurely round of golf, savor a gourmet meal, or simply relax in a picturesque setting, the Johnson City Country Club has something to offer for everyone. In this article, we will take a closer look at what makes this club a premier destination for those seeking an opulent escape from the everyday.

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History of Johnson City Country Club

Founded in 1913, Johnson City Country Club has a rich history of providing a premier golfing experience to its members. The club was initially a nine-hole course but expanded to eighteen holes in 1920 to accommodate its growing member base. Over the years, the course has seen significant changes and improvements to keep up with modern golfing standards, while still maintaining its historic charm.

The club has been host to several prestigious tournaments, including the Tri-Cities PGA Championship and the Tennessee State Amateur Championship. Many notable golfers have walked its fairways, adding to the club’s storied history. With its rolling hills and scenic views, the course has become a beloved landmark in the Johnson City community.

Year Event
1913 Club Founded
1920 Expansion to 18 Holes
Various Hosted Prestigious Tournaments

Throughout its existence, the club has also expanded to include various other amenities such as tennis courts, a swimming pool, and a modern clubhouse with dining and event hosting capabilities. This has transformed Johnson City Country Club from purely a golfing venue to a comprehensive social and recreational hub for members and their families.

Amenities and Facilities at Johnson City Country Club

At the Johnson City Country Club, members and guests are treated to an array of top-notch amenities and facilities that cater to all their needs. Whether you’re looking to stay active, relax, or host an event, the country club has something for everyone.

The club features a state-of-the-art fitness center with the latest equipment and a variety of classes to keep you in shape. After your workout, take a dip in the outdoor swimming pool or unwind in the sauna. For tennis enthusiasts, there are four clay courts and two hard courts available for play. Golfers can enjoy the 18-hole championship golf course that offers a challenging yet enjoyable experience for players of all skill levels.

If you’re looking to host a special event, the country club has a range of options to choose from. The grand ballroom can accommodate up to 300 guests and is perfect for weddings, corporate events, or any other large gathering. For more intimate affairs, there are private dining rooms available with exquisite catering options. Below is a table outlining some of the :

Amenity/Facility Details
Fitness Center Latest equipment, variety of classes
Swimming Pool Outdoor, heated
Tennis Courts Four clay courts, two hard courts
Golf Course 18-hole championship course
Event Spaces Grand ballroom, private dining rooms

Whether you’re a long-time member or a first-time visitor, the are sure to impress and provide an exceptional experience.

Golf Course Review at Johnson City Country Club

If you’re a golf enthusiast in the Johnson City area, you’ve likely heard of the Johnson City Country Club. With its meticulously manicured greens and challenging layout, this course offers an enjoyable experience for golfers of all skill levels.

One of the standout features of the course is its variety of holes. From long par 5s to tricky par 3s, each hole offers a different challenge, keeping the round interesting from start to finish. The fairways are well-maintained and the greens roll true, making for a fair test of golfing ability.

Aside from the course itself, the country club also boasts top-notch facilities. The pro shop is well-stocked with all the latest gear, and the clubhouse offers a comfortable place to relax after your round. Here is a quick overview of the amenities available:

Amenity Description
Pro Shop Offers a wide range of golf equipment and apparel
Clubhouse Features a restaurant and bar with a view of the course
Practice Facilities Includes a driving range and putting green for warm-up

Overall, the Johnson City Country Club is a must-play for any golfer in the area. With its well-designed course and excellent amenities, it’s no wonder it’s considered one of the best golf destinations in the region.

Membership Options and Benefits at Johnson City Country Club

At Johnson City Country Club, we offer a variety of membership options to suit your lifestyle and needs. Whether you’re an avid golfer looking for unlimited access to our pristine course, or a social butterfly seeking a place to mingle and relax, we have something for everyone. Our membership options include:

  • Full Golf Membership – Enjoy unlimited golf, access to our practice facilities, club tournaments, and events. This option also includes access to our fitness center, swimming pool, and dining facilities.
  • Social Membership – Perfect for those who love to socialize and relax. This membership includes access to our dining facilities, social events, swimming pool, and fitness center.
  • Junior Membership – Available to individuals under the age of 35, this option provides full golf privileges at a reduced rate, as well as access to all other club amenities.

As a member, you’ll also enjoy a range of benefits including:

Benefit Description
Exclusive Events Invitations to members-only tournaments, social gatherings, and special events.
Discounts Receive discounts on guest green fees, pro shop merchandise, and dining.
Reciprocal Privileges Access to other private clubs in the area through our reciprocal program.

Becoming a member at Johnson City Country Club means joining a community of like-minded individuals who appreciate the finer things in life. Contact us today to learn more about our membership options and how you can become part of our exclusive club.


Q: What is the Johnson City Country Club?
A: The Johnson City Country Club is a private, member-owned country club located in Johnson City, Tennessee.

Q: What facilities and amenities does the country club offer?
A: The country club offers an 18-hole championship golf course, tennis courts, a swimming pool, dining facilities, and event spaces for weddings and other special occasions.

Q: How can someone become a member of the Johnson City Country Club?
A: Prospective members can inquire about membership opportunities by contacting the club directly and submitting a membership application.

Q: What are the benefits of being a member of the Johnson City Country Club?
A: Members have access to the club’s golf course, tennis courts, swimming pool, and social events. They also have the opportunity to participate in various club activities and enjoy dining options at the club’s restaurant.

Q: Does the country club offer any social events or activities for its members?
A: Yes, the club hosts various social events throughout the year, including holiday celebrations, themed parties, and member-exclusive gatherings.

Q: What sets the Johnson City Country Club apart from other country clubs in the area?
A: The Johnson City Country Club is known for its picturesque golf course, well-maintained facilities, and exceptional dining options. The club also prides itself on providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for its members.

The Way Forward

In conclusion, Johnson City Country Club offers a range of amenities and services for individuals and families looking to enjoy a high-quality recreational experience in a beautiful setting. From golfing to dining to social events, the club provides a welcoming atmosphere for both members and guests. Whether you’re an avid golfer or simply seeking a place to relax and unwind, the Johnson City Country Club has something to offer for everyone. With its long-standing history and commitment to excellence, it’s no wonder the club continues to be a beloved destination for residents of Johnson City and visitors alike.


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