Standing Tall: The Height of Phyllis Hyman!


Hey there, tall tale enthusiasts! ⁤Have‍ you ever wondered just how high ‌the late, great Phyllis Hyman stood? You’re⁢ not alone! It seems‌ like ⁢the height⁣ of this‍ soulful⁢ songstress⁢ has‍ been the subject of much speculation and ⁢debate among her fans. Was she a towering diva, or just ​had‌ a larger-than-life presence? Well, grab your⁣ measuring​ tapes and ‌get ready to find out, because we’re about to dive deep ‌into the stats ​and stories behind Phyllis ‌Hyman’s height.‍ No need to stretch the truth⁢ here; ‍we’ll ⁤get to the bottom (or should ⁤we ⁣say ⁤top?) of‌ this ⁣mystery!

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Phyllis Hyman’s‍ Towering Presence:⁣ How Tall Was the‌ Soulful Songstress?

Phyllis Hyman was ⁣known for⁣ her deep, soulful voice ⁣and her stunning stage presence. ⁣But one thing‌ that often gets‌ overlooked ⁤is just how tall the songstress ‍was. Standing at⁢ an ⁢impressive 6 feet 2 ⁣inches,​ Phyllis⁤ Hyman was quite literally head and shoulders above‌ many of her contemporaries.

With‌ her height, she had ⁣a commanding presence on stage that was hard ⁢to ignore. She used it to her ⁤advantage, often⁤ wearing long, flowing​ gowns that accentuated her statuesque figure. And let’s not forget those sky-high heels that added even more inches to her​ already ​towering frame.

Height Shoe Size Stage Presence
6’2″ 12 Unforgettable

Not only did ‍her height make⁢ her stand out in a‌ crowd, but ⁢it ‍also contributed​ to her unique sound. With a⁤ naturally deeper ‌voice, Phyllis Hyman’s height ‌helped ⁤to‌ give ⁢her vocals a⁤ resonance that ⁢was ⁤hard to replicate. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t⁣ love a tall, glamorous diva belting out‌ soulful tunes? So, next time‌ you’re jamming out to “You Know⁢ How to ⁤Love Me,” just remember,⁣ Phyllis Hyman wasn’t just⁤ a giant in ‌the music⁣ industry, she was also a literal giant.

The Great Height Debate:⁣ Unraveling the Mystery of Phyllis Hyman’s Stature

When it​ comes to the⁤ height of the late, great Phyllis Hyman, ‍there​ seems⁤ to be a‍ bit of a mystery. Some sources ⁣claim that ‍she stood ‌at⁣ a towering 6 feet tall, while others ‍swear⁣ she⁣ was a⁤ more modest 5’10”.‌ So, what’s the truth?

Well, let’s first‌ take a look at ​some **evidence**:

– In a 1983 interview, ⁤Phyllis herself mentioned that‌ she was “almost six⁢ feet tall”
– Album⁤ covers ‌and⁣ promotional photos often showed her towering⁣ over her ‌male⁤ counterparts
– Her⁢ long​ legs and statuesque figure were ⁢often mentioned in ‌articles and reviews

Now, let’s compare that to some **counter-evidence**:

– A 1978 article listed her height​ as 5’10”
– Some fans who⁤ met⁣ her in person⁣ swear⁣ she wasn’t‌ quite as tall ⁣as 6 feet
– The height listed on her driver’s license (which,⁣ let’s be ⁢real,​ could be‌ a‍ total fabrication) was 5’11”

So, what do‌ we make of ⁤all this? Well, it’s possible that Phyllis herself ‌may have rounded up her height for ⁢dramatic effect. Or, perhaps ⁤she truly ​was 6⁣ feet tall,⁣ and ⁤the discrepancy is simply due to the natural human error that comes with estimating someone’s height.

In the end, does it​ really ⁢matter? Phyllis‌ Hyman’s talent and presence⁢ were larger than life, regardless of her actual height.​ But for those of us who love a good mystery, the debate continues.

Here’s a **table** ⁤that breaks‍ down the conflicting reports:

Source Reported ⁢Height
Phyllis Hyman Interview (1983) Almost ⁣6 feet
Album Covers/Promotional Photos Taller than men
1978 Article 5’10”
Fan Encounters Not quite 6 ‌feet
Driver’s License 5’11”

Standing Tall in Heels and Hair: Phyllis⁢ Hyman’s‍ Height-Defying ‌Secrets Revealed

When ⁤it comes to standing out in ⁣a crowd,⁤ Phyllis‌ Hyman had‌ it all ⁤figured out. ⁢At a stunning ​6 feet⁤ tall,​ she towered over many of her ‍contemporaries. But how ⁣did ⁣she⁢ manage to always look ⁣so graceful and⁤ poised‍ in sky-high ⁢heels and‍ voluminous hair? Let’s take a look at‍ some of the height-defying secrets⁤ that made Phyllis the queen of⁢ the stage.

Heel Hoarding

First things first, Phyllis knew ⁣the power of ​a⁤ good heel.⁤ But not ⁤just‍ any heel would do – she had a collection of custom-made ‌stilettos ‌that were ‍designed to ​provide both height ​and comfort.⁤ Her heels⁣ were no ordinary heels, they were like secret weapons that gave her‍ an extra boost ​of ​confidence with ‍every step‍ she took.

  • Specially designed arch support
  • Extra‌ cushioning for prolonged wear
  • Non-slip soles to prevent any on-stage mishaps

Hair-raising Hairdos

Of course, Phyllis’s height wasn’t ​all thanks⁢ to her heels. Her hair was‌ a big contributing factor too. She‍ was known for her larger-than-life hairstyles‌ that ‌added‌ inches to her already impressive ‌stature. But⁤ the ⁢real secret? Strategic ‍teasing and layering that gave her hair ​the​ maximum volume without weighing ​her ‍down.

Hairstyle Added Height
Afro 4 inches
Beehive 6​ inches
Pompadour 5 inches

So there you have ⁢it ‌- the ‌next time you’re trying ⁤to add a‍ few inches to‍ your ⁣look,‌ take a page out of ‌Phyllis⁢ Hyman’s ‍book.⁤ Just remember​ to ⁢practice ​your balance​ in those heels and get ​ready for⁢ some serious backcombing. ⁤You’ll be ⁢standing tall in ⁢no time!

From‍ Platforms to Platforms: ​How Phyllis ⁤Hyman’s Height Influenced⁤ Her Style⁣ and Stage ⁣Presence

Standing tall at 6​ feet 1 inch, ​ Phyllis Hyman was‌ a force to be reckoned with on ​stage. Her impressive ​height not only made⁣ her stand​ out ⁢in a crowd, but ‍also​ greatly influenced her ⁢style and stage presence.

Hyman’s height meant that she had ⁣to be strategic about her wardrobe choices. She ⁤often opted for⁤ long, ⁤flowing gowns that accentuated ‌her statuesque figure. She also ⁢wasn’t afraid⁢ to rock ⁢a​ high heel, adding even more inches to her ⁤already towering ​frame. But it wasn’t just about the⁤ clothes – her height gave her ‌a⁤ natural ‌confidence⁤ that ⁣radiated out to the audience, making her​ performances all⁤ the⁤ more captivating.

On stage, Hyman used her height to her advantage. She‌ had a commanding presence ​that​ demanded‍ attention from​ the ⁣moment⁣ she stepped into the ‍spotlight. Her ‍long⁣ legs gave​ her ‍a ‍graceful‍ stride ‍that ⁤added an extra level of‌ elegance to her performances. Her height also⁤ allowed her ​to‌ tower over ‍her backup dancers, making her the unmistakable‍ star of the show.

In conclusion,⁤ Phyllis Hyman didn’t just ⁢have ‍a‌ big voice, she had a​ big presence⁢ to ⁤match. Her height ‌played a significant role in her style and stage presence,⁣ and she owned⁤ it​ like⁣ the ‍queen she ​was.

Here’s a quick ​rundown of how her height ​influenced her style:

  • Opted for long, flowing gowns
  • Wore high heels ​to​ add even more height
  • Used her height ⁣to command⁣ the stage

And here’s a fun fact –⁣ her height even earned her the nickname “The Sophisticated Lady” among her fans. Now that’s standing tall in ​more ways than‌ one!


Q: How​ tall was Phyllis ⁢Hyman,​ exactly?
A:⁣ Phyllis Hyman stood at an impressive 6 foot 1 inches, which means she probably ⁤never had⁤ to ‍ask for help‍ reaching the top shelf⁣ at ‍the grocery store.

Q: Did her height ‌help her⁤ career in any way?
A: You bet ⁢it⁤ did! Her towering stature‍ only added to her commanding stage presence and made her stand ​out in‌ a⁢ crowd, ⁢literally.

Q: Was​ Phyllis Hyman taller than most‍ of her ⁤fellow ‍female singers?
A: Yes, she was definitely taller ⁤than the average​ female singer. She could have given‌ some of⁢ the male singers ​a run for their ⁤money too!

Q: Did she‌ ever face any challenges because of her⁤ height?
A: Well, ⁣finding ‌shoes that fit ‍and not hitting ‌her head on ⁢door frames were probably some of​ her ‍daily⁢ struggles, but she rocked her ⁣height with​ grace and confidence.

Q:​ Did Phyllis Hyman ever use her height to ​her ​advantage?
A:⁢ Absolutely! She was ⁣known for her long, elegant gowns⁢ that showcased her statuesque figure, and⁣ she used her height to exude a powerful presence on⁢ stage.

Q: Any tips for those of us who are ⁣”vertically challenged” and looking to appear taller?
A: Take a cue from ⁢Phyllis ‌and stand ⁢tall​ with confidence, ⁢and maybe invest in some‌ platform shoes ⁤or a step stool!

In Conclusion

Well‌ folks, that’s all we have for you today on ⁤the towering topic⁤ of Phyllis Hyman’s height. We hope ⁢you’ve enjoyed this ⁤lighthearted⁤ look at the statuesque songstress and her⁢ impressive stature. Remember, while Phyllis may have⁣ been tall in height,​ she was ​even⁣ taller ⁣in talent. So the next time⁣ you ‍find yourself belting out ‌one of her classic ​hits, take a ⁢moment ⁢to appreciate the ⁢woman‌ who​ stood head ​and shoulders above‌ the rest. Thanks for reading, and ⁤remember⁣ – in the ⁣words of Phyllis​ herself – “You know how to love me” (and‍ I know ​how to end this article ⁢on⁤ a high ‍note).‌


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