Westview Cemetery: Where the Dead Get a Great View!


Welcome to Westview Cemetery, where the residents are dying to meet you! Just kidding, they’re already dead. But don’t let that stop you from visiting this historic and surprisingly⁢ lively final ⁣resting place. With its sprawling landscapes, ornate headstones, and rumored ghost ​sightings, Westview Cemetery is the perfect destination for history buffs, paranormal enthusiasts, and ⁣anyone with a slightly morbid sense⁤ of humor. So grab your Ouija board⁣ and let’s dig into the fascinating history of this beloved burial ground.

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Exploring Westview Cemetery: Not Your Average Graveyard Tour

If you’re looking for a spooky adventure that’s a little‌ off the beaten path, look no further than Westview Cemetery. Unlike your typical graveyard tour, Westview is full of unexpected surprises that are sure to delight and terrify⁢ even the most seasoned cemetery ⁣enthusiasts.

For starters, did you know that‌ Westview is one⁢ of the largest cemeteries in the ‍Southeast? That’s right, it⁣ spans over 600⁢ acres and is home to more than 100,000 gravesites. And with that much space, you can bet there are plenty ‌of interesting ⁤stories and legends to uncover. ⁢Here are ‌just ⁣a few of the highlights you can expect to find on your visit:

  • The grave of one of the original Coca-Cola bottlers. Yes, you read that correctly. If you’ve​ ever enjoyed an‌ ice-cold Coke on a hot summer day, you have this guy to thank.
  • A mausoleum that’s rumored to be haunted. Legend has it that the ghost of a young woman can be seen ‍wandering the grounds at night. But don’t worry, she’s ‍said to be friendly…mostly.
  • Some of the most​ elaborate and ornate headstones you’ve ever seen. From angels to obelisks, the tombstones​ at Westview are truly ​works of art.

So whether you’re ⁤a history buff, a ghost ‍hunter, or just someone looking for a unique way to spend an afternoon, Westview Cemetery should definitely be on your list. Just don’t forget to bring your camera – and maybe a flashlight if you’re brave⁣ enough to stick around ‌after dark.

The Famous and Not-So-Famous Residents of Westview: Who’s⁣ Who in⁢ the Afterlife

Westview Cemetery is not your average graveyard. It’s a who’s who of the afterlife, with a mix of famous and not-so-famous residents. Among the headstones, you’ll find some recognizable names that ⁢have left their mark on history. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his wife Coretta Scott King ⁢are perhaps the most well-known residents, resting in a beautiful mausoleum that draws visitors from all over the world.

But it’s not ​just the big names‍ that make ⁣Westview intriguing. The cemetery is also home to some⁢ lesser-known individuals who ‌have equally fascinating stories. Take, for⁤ example, John ⁢Pemberton, the pharmacist who invented Coca-Cola. Or Henry Grady, ​the journalist and orator known for his efforts to reconcile the North and South after ‍the Civil ⁤War. These ‍are just a⁤ few of the⁣ characters you’ll find strolling ⁣through the ⁣grounds.

  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – Civil Rights Leader
  • Coretta Scott King – ⁣Author, Activist, Civil Rights Leader
  • John Pemberton – Pharmacist, Inventor of Coca-Cola
  • Henry Grady – Journalist, “Spokesman of the New South”

And let’s not‍ overlook ⁢the unsung heroes​ of Westview. The place is⁢ packed ⁣with stories‌ of everyday citizens who lived extraordinary lives. From the war⁢ hero who fought bravely for his country to the schoolteacher who inspired generations of children, each grave has a tale to tell.​ So next time you visit⁣ Westview, give a nod to both the famous and the not-so-famous. They’ve all earned their place in history, one way or another.

Tombstone Tidbits: Uncovering the Quirky History of Westview’s Memorials

Westview Cemetery is ‌not just your ⁣typical graveyard. It’s ⁤a place where history comes⁣ alive – well, not literally. But, with over 100,000 graves, there’s bound to be some interesting stories buried within its grounds. Let’s ‍take a stroll down memory lane and dig up some of the quirkier tales from⁣ Westview’s past.

  • The Secret Society: Rumor has it that there’s a secret society buried‍ in Westview.​ The cryptic symbols ‌on some of the headstones have led many to believe that members of the Freemasons or other clandestine organizations have ⁤made Westview their final resting place. Keep your eyes peeled for hidden messages!
  • Pet Cemetery: Westview isn’t just for humans – there’s a whole‍ section dedicated to our⁢ furry friends. From dogs to cats, and even a few exotic pets, these beloved animals⁣ have their own⁣ special corner of the cemetery. It’s the purr-fect place to pay your respects to a loyal companion.
  • The ⁤Time‍ Capsule Tomb: One of ‌the more peculiar⁢ memorials in Westview is a grave that’s said to house a time capsule. The legend goes that a wealthy eccentric ‌buried a chest full ⁤of treasures,⁤ to be opened in 100 years. The countdown is on – ‌who knows what secrets it ⁣holds?
Name Year of Burial Notable Quirk
John “Whispering” Smith 1892 A gravestone that, ‍on a windy day, seems to whisper your name.
Madame LaRue 1934 Her tomb is adorned with a crystal ball – she was a famed psychic.
Colonel Mustard 1918 No, not from Clue. But this Colonel’s grave is inscribed with a recipe ​for mustard.

So the next time you find yourself ‍wandering through Westview ‍Cemetery, keep a lookout for these oddities. You never know what strange ⁣piece of history you might stumble upon… just watch out for any zombies!

A Ghoul’s Guide to Westview: Tips‍ for Making the Most of Your Spooky Visit

Welcome, fellow ghouls and goblins, to the eerily enchanting Westview Cemetery. To make the most of your spooky sojourn, here are a ‍few tips‍ to ensure your visit is frightfully fun:

Scare Safely: Keep in mind that while we all love a good‌ jump scare, not everyone ​appreciates an impromptu zombie apocalypse. Respect the resting and the living by​ keeping your shrieks to ⁢a minimum and your hauntingly good times to‌ a ⁣respectable decibel.

  • Creep ‌it clean by disposing of any trash or offerings to the dearly⁤ departed properly.
  • If ‍you’re visiting after ⁤dark, bring a flashlight to avoid tripping over any ‍tombstones (or waking any ‌sleeping vampires).

Explore with ⁣Eeriness: Discover the history⁣ hidden‍ within Westview. Many of the tombstones date back centuries and have stories to tell,‍ if you dare to listen. Take a stroll through the oldest‍ section ⁣and see if you can uncover the ⁤secrets of the long-gone locals. Just remember, ‍some spirits may not ⁢be as keen on visitors, so tread lightly and with respect.

Historical Highlights Location
The Cryptic Crypt Northeast⁢ corner
The Weeping Widow’s Walk Central path
Grim Gravestone of the Unknown Ghost Western edge, near the gnarled oak

Don’t just visit ​Westview Cemetery; experience it in all ​its ghoulish glory. ⁤Just remember these tips for a hauntingly delightful adventure. Happy haunting!


Q: What’s so great ‍about Westview Cemetery?
A: It’s the final resting place for some of Atlanta’s most infamous residents! Plus, it’s got ⁢some killer views.

Q: Is Westview Cemetery haunted?
A: Maybe? ‍But ⁣the ‌real scary ⁤part is trying to navigate all those winding pathways without getting lost!

Q: ‌Can I visit ‍Westview Cemetery?
A: Sure, but be respectful of the deceased and maybe leave the​ ghost hunting to the professionals.

Q: Who are ‌some famous people buried⁣ at Westview Cemetery?
A: Some of Atlanta’s​ most notable figures are interred there, including civil rights leader John​ Wesley Dobbs and politician⁤ William Hartsfield.

Q: Is it true that Atlanta’s first black mayor is buried at⁤ Westview Cemetery?
A: Yes, Maynard Jackson, the city’s⁣ first African American mayor, ⁤is indeed laid to rest ⁤there.

Q:⁢ What’s⁤ the ⁢best time to visit Westview Cemetery?
A: Anytime! Just be sure to bring a map and watch out for any unexpected visitors from beyond the ​grave.

Key Takeaways

So⁣ there you ⁤have it, folks! Westview Cemetery may have a spooky reputation, but it’s ⁣really just a peaceful resting‌ place for departed souls. Whether you’re a⁤ history buff, a⁤ nature⁢ lover, or just looking for a quiet place to contemplate life and death, Westview Cemetery offers a unique experience. Just be sure to watch out ​for any lingering spirits who may be up to no good – and remember,‌ always be ​respectful of the dearly departed! Thanks for joining me on​ this adventure through ‌Westview Cemetery, and until next time, happy haunting!⁤

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