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Actress Maggie Lawson has created quite ​a buzz in ‌the ⁢media⁢ with her⁣ professional successes and ⁣personal life. ​While fans have been intrigued by her career,⁢ many are curious‍ about her personal life, particularly her marital status. ‌With rumors swirling⁣ and speculation running rampant, we delve into the question on ⁢everyone’s⁤ minds:⁤ who is Maggie⁢ Lawson ⁣married⁤ to? Read‍ on to ⁢uncover the truth about the talented actress’s​ love life.

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Maggie Lawson’s Personal ​Life

Maggie ⁢Lawson, the ​talented ​American actress best known for her‍ role as Juliet O’Hara in the hit TV⁣ show “Psych,” has been happily married to actor and⁣ director Ben Koldyke ‍since 2015. The couple‌ tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by their⁣ close ‍friends ⁢and family. Their relationship is a perfect ⁤example⁣ of love⁤ in Hollywood,⁤ as they have continued to support each ⁢other⁢ both⁤ personally and professionally.

Maggie ​Lawson and Ben Koldyke’s marriage has been a subject‌ of admiration for their fans, and they often share heartwarming moments on their ​social media‍ accounts.⁤ The couple has been spotted‌ at ⁢various ‌red⁤ carpet ​events, always looking happy and in‌ love. Despite ​their busy⁢ schedules, they make time for‌ each other and enjoy traveling and exploring new adventures ⁣together. ⁣Their⁣ love story ‌is ​truly inspiring, and ⁤they continue to be a ⁣role model⁢ for⁤ many aspiring⁤ couples in the ‍entertainment industry.

Some of ⁤the happy moments captured by the media, include:

1 Maggie Lawson and⁣ Ben Koldyke walking on the​ red ⁢carpet⁢ hand in hand
2 The ⁢couple‌ sharing a loving⁣ embrace during a ⁢public​ appearance
3 Maggie Lawson and Ben Koldyke enjoying a romantic vacation in ⁣Europe

Exploring Maggie Lawson’s Marriage

Maggie Lawson, the talented actress ​known⁢ for‌ her ​roles in ‍popular TV⁣ shows like “Psych” ‌and “Lethal Weapon,” is‌ married to fellow ⁢actor Ben‌ Koldyke. The couple tied the knot⁣ in 2015 ⁣and ‍has been happily married ever since. ​Ben Koldyke is also an actor, best known ⁣for his roles in‌ TV shows‌ like‌ “How ⁣I Met Your Mother” and “Mr. Robinson.”

Maggie‌ Lawson and​ Ben Koldyke first⁣ met on‍ the set of‍ the ‍TV⁤ show “Back in the Game” where‍ they ‌both⁤ had lead roles. ⁣The couple’s relationship blossomed, and​ they eventually got married in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by family and friends. Since ⁢then, Maggie⁤ and ‍Ben have been ⁤supportive of⁤ each‍ other’s ⁣careers and have ⁣been enjoying ‍their ​married life together.

The couple has kept ⁤their personal life relatively private, but they ⁤have shared some‌ glimpses of their relationship on ‌social media. They often post about their ⁢adventures and sweet⁤ moments together, showcasing their love and⁤ strong bond. ‌Maggie Lawson and ‌Ben Koldyke’s marriage is a beautiful example ‍of love in the entertainment ⁤industry.

Insights into Maggie ‍Lawson’s⁣ Relationship

Maggie ‌Lawson is married to Benjamin Koldyke,‍ an‍ actor known ⁣for his roles on‍ television​ shows such‍ as “How I​ Met Your Mother” and‌ “Masters of Sex.” ⁤The couple ⁤met⁤ on ‌the⁢ set of the‍ show⁣ “Back​ in the⁣ Game” where⁢ they both had lead⁤ roles. ⁤After dating for ⁤a short period, they tied ​the ⁢knot in a romantic ‌ceremony surrounded ⁤by family and friends. Many⁣ fans are interested ‍in knowing ⁤more about this ⁢relationship, ⁣as ‌both Maggie Lawson and Benjamin Koldyke ⁢have ⁢managed ⁢to keep⁢ their personal lives quite private.

with Benjamin Koldyke include ⁤their shared‍ passion ⁣for acting and their love for⁣ outdoor activities. They​ enjoy‌ spending time together hiking, biking,‍ and camping, which ⁣has bonded them even ‍closer.‌ In addition, both ‌Maggie and ⁢Benjamin have expressed ​their⁣ admiration for each other’s work in various interviews, displaying a deep respect and understanding for each other’s ⁣careers. Their ​marriage​ is a ‌testament to ⁤their ‌strong bond and mutual support in ⁣both their personal and professional ⁤lives.

**Key‍ Points:**
– Maggie ⁣Lawson ⁣is married to actor Benjamin​ Koldyke.
– The ⁣couple met on the ⁢set of ⁤”Back in the ​Game” and‌ got married ⁤after a short courtship.
– They share a love for acting and ⁤outdoor activities, which has strengthened⁣ their relationship.

The Mystery of Maggie​ Lawson’s Husband

Maggie Lawson, the talented⁢ actress known for her roles in ‌popular TV shows such as “Psych” and “Lethal Weapon,”​ has always ‌managed⁣ to⁣ keep her personal life relatively private. However, her ⁣fans have been curious about‌ the mystery⁣ surrounding her husband.

Despite her fame, Maggie Lawson ‍has managed ⁣to keep her personal ⁤life out ⁣of the spotlight. Fans have often ‍wondered who ⁢the lucky⁢ man is that captured the heart of this beloved actress. After much speculation,‍ it was revealed ​that Maggie Lawson ​was previously married to fellow‍ actor Ben ‌Koldyke. The couple tied the knot in ​2015, but unfortunately, their marriage ended in divorce in 2017.

Since then, Maggie Lawson has kept her romantic ⁢life under wraps, ‌leaving ⁤fans ​to ⁢wonder⁢ about her⁣ current relationship status. While ⁣rumors⁣ and speculations continue‍ to circulate,⁣ it seems that Maggie⁢ Lawson is currently⁣ single and focused on her thriving career in the ⁣entertainment industry.


Q: Who is Maggie ​Lawson married to?
A:⁢ Maggie ⁣Lawson is currently married to actor and⁣ comedian ​Ben Koldyke.

Q: When did Maggie Lawson and Ben Koldyke⁢ get married?
A: The couple ⁢tied⁤ the knot ⁣in ‌August 2015.

Q: How​ did Maggie Lawson and Ben Koldyke ⁣meet?
A: Maggie Lawson and Ben Koldyke⁣ met on⁢ the set of the ‍TV show “Back in the Game” in 2013, where they ⁢both ‍starred ‍as main⁢ characters.

Q: Does Maggie Lawson have​ any ⁣children with Ben Koldyke?
A: No, Maggie Lawson and Ben ⁤Koldyke do not ⁤have any children together as of now.

Q: Have Maggie‍ Lawson and Ben Koldyke collaborated on any projects ‍together?
A: Yes, besides co-starring in “Back ​in​ the​ Game”, ‌Maggie Lawson and Ben Koldyke have also worked‍ together ⁤on⁢ the​ TV show “Angel from Hell”.

Q: Are Maggie ⁤Lawson and​ Ben Koldyke active on social media?
A: Both Maggie Lawson and‌ Ben Koldyke are active on social ⁢media, often ⁤sharing updates ⁢about their personal‌ and professional lives ⁢with their‍ followers. ⁢

In Conclusion

In conclusion, Maggie Lawson is‌ happily married to actor ‍Ben Koldyke, and the⁤ couple tied the knot in 2015. While ⁢both of them ⁤are‍ private about⁢ their personal lives,​ their relationship ⁤has been going strong⁢ for several years. Fans of the actress ​are happy to see her ‌enjoying marital⁤ bliss​ and look forward to seeing more of her work in‍ the entertainment industry. ⁣As always, we ​will ​continue to keep our readers updated on any ‌developments ‍in Maggie Lawson’s ⁤personal and professional ⁤life. Thank you for reading.


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