Who is Stacy Keibler? The Life of a Former Wrestler and Actress


Stacy Keibler is a ⁤name that ⁢has remained etched in‍ the memories of wrestling fans for years. However, her journey extends far beyond the squared circle, ⁣as she has successfully transitioned from ⁣a glamorous wrestling persona to a multifaceted⁣ career in Hollywood. Known for her grace, athleticism, and undeniable charm, Keibler’s life has ‌been a‍ captivating tale of transformation and resilience. In this article, ‍we delve into the life and career of the ‍former ⁤wrestler and actress, exploring ‍the highs and lows of her fascinating journey in the spotlight.

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Stacy Keibler’s Early Life and Career Beginnings

Stacy Keibler, the former professional wrestler and actress, ‌was born on October 14, 1979, in Rosedale, Maryland. From ​an early age, she showed an​ interest in dance and began taking ​ballet, jazz, and tap lessons ⁣at the age‌ of three. Keibler attended‌ The Catholic High​ School of Baltimore ⁣and continued her education at Towson University, where she studied mass communication.

Stacy Keibler’s career in entertainment began when she won a competition to become a part of WCW Nitro Girls, the dance team for World Championship⁣ Wrestling. She quickly became​ a‌ fan favorite with her long legs and energetic⁣ dance routines.‌ Her popularity ‌led‍ to opportunities as a ‍wrestling​ manager and later as a professional wrestler. Keibler gained further recognition⁣ when she participated in ​the reality TV show “Dancing with the Stars” in 2006, where she ⁤finished in third place.

From⁤ WWE⁢ to Stardom: Stacy Keibler’s Wrestling Career

Stacy Keibler’s Wrestling Career

Stacy Keibler rose to fame as‌ a wrestler in the⁣ WWE, where she became known for her athleticism, beauty, and charisma. She made​ her debut in 1999 and quickly gained popularity as a member of the WCW Nitro Girls. Her impressive⁢ presence and acrobatic ⁢abilities⁣ in the ​ring ‌captivated​ audiences around the ‍world, leading to her successful transition from wrestling to ⁣stardom.

During her time in the WWE, ​Keibler was involved​ in various storylines and rivalries, including memorable feuds with other female wrestlers. Her appearances in WWE events and pay-per-view matches solidified her status as ⁤a prominent figure in the world of professional wrestling. Keibler’s impact on the industry continues to be felt, and⁤ her legacy as one of the ‍most⁣ iconic female wrestlers remains undisputed.

Stacy Keibler’s Achievements in WWE
Accomplishment Description
Miss Hancock Keibler’s persona during her‍ time in⁢ WCW.
Diva Search Judge Keibler served as a judge in the 2004 WWE Diva⁣ Search.
WrestleMania‍ Appearances She participated in multiple WrestleMania events.

Stacy Keibler’s⁢ Transition to Television and Film

When it comes to the world of entertainment, it’s not uncommon for individuals to ⁢make the transition from one medium to another. ⁣Stacy Keibler is no ⁢exception to‌ this, as she successfully navigated her way from professional wrestling to television and film. ‌Keibler first gained fame as a professional wrestler in ⁢the WWE, where she ​won over audiences with her athleticism and charisma. However, she didn’t stop ⁤there. Keibler’s natural talent and charm eventually ‍paved the⁣ way for her ‌to venture‍ into the world of television and film.

Keibler’s transition to television and ⁤film has been nothing short ⁤of impressive. She has appeared ⁤in various television shows, including popular series such as‌ “How I Met Your Mother” and “George Lopez.” Additionally, Keibler has also graced the ​big screen with her presence, starring in films like “Bubble Boy” and ⁤”Dysfunctional Friends.” Her⁤ ability to captivate audiences on both ⁢the small and big screens is ‍a testament to her versatility as an entertainer. Keibler’s determination and talent have undoubtedly solidified⁢ her status as ⁤a multifaceted⁣ presence in the entertainment industry.

Stacy Keibler’s Fitness and Wellness Philosophy

Stacy Keibler is a well-known figure in the fitness and wellness world, admired for her dedication to a healthy lifestyle. Her philosophy⁢ revolves around the idea‍ that ⁤true wellness is a holistic ‌approach that encompasses both physical and mental well-being. ⁣To Stacy, fitness is​ not⁣ just⁣ about looking good on ‍the​ outside, but feeling good on the inside as‌ well.

One of the key elements of Stacy Keibler’s fitness philosophy is the ⁣importance of staying active. She believes in finding physical activities that bring joy and fulfillment, whether ‌it’s through dance,⁢ yoga, hiking, ⁢or any other form of movement. Stacy also emphasizes the significance of maintaining a ⁣balanced diet, focusing on whole, nutrient-rich foods that nourish the body and support overall well-being. In addition to physical ⁢health, Stacy places a strong emphasis on mental wellness, advocating ⁢for practices such as mindfulness, meditation, and ⁤self-care.

The⁣ Business Ventures of Stacy Keibler

Stacy Keibler, a former professional wrestler, actress,​ and model, has successfully transitioned from ⁤her wrestling career into the world of business ventures. Known‌ for her time in the WWE and her appearance on Dancing with the Stars, Keibler has recently focused her attention on entrepreneurship and investing.

One of Keibler’s notable business ventures includes her founding of a ‍healthy living platform called⁣ “WWE’s Fit Series.” This platform aims to‌ provide fitness and wellness resources for‍ fans of the WWE,‌ as well as for individuals looking to ⁢lead a ⁤healthier lifestyle. Keibler’s​ dedication to health ⁢and wellness has led her to ​create a brand that resonates with her audience and serves as a testament to her business acumen.

Furthermore, Stacy Keibler has ventured into⁣ the world ⁤of tech investing, demonstrating her interest ‌in the ever-evolving tech industry. Her diverse portfolio of investments showcases her adaptability and forward-thinking approach to business. With an eye for innovative and disruptive technologies, Keibler ​continues‍ to establish herself as ​a ​savvy ‌and successful businesswoman outside of the realm of ‌entertainment.

Stacy Keibler’s Advocacy and Charity Work

Stacy Keibler, best​ known for‌ her ⁤work as a ⁤professional⁤ wrestler and dancer, ⁣is also actively involved in⁤ various advocacy and‍ charity⁣ initiatives. Keibler’s dedication to advocating for ‍important causes and giving back to the community‍ has solidified her as a philanthropist in addition to her successful entertainment career.

One‌ of the major advocacy causes that​ Stacy Keibler is passionate about is empowering young ‌girls and women. She has been an outspoken supporter of organizations that focus on promoting ⁣education, leadership, and self-esteem for girls and women. Keibler​ has also been involved in initiatives ⁣aimed at raising awareness about women’s health​ issues ⁤and advocating for access to healthcare for women of all ages.

In addition to​ her advocacy work, Stacy Keibler is actively involved in various ⁣charity organizations. She has lent ​her time and support to causes such as ​children’s hospitals, animal welfare, and ⁤environmental conservation. Keibler’s ‌commitment to charitable endeavors has made a positive impact on the lives of many individuals and communities.

Stacy Keibler’s Personal Life and Relationships

Stacy Keibler is a well-known American actress, dancer, and ⁣model who⁢ gained fame for her ⁣work as a professional wrestler with World⁤ Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment. In addition to her successful career in the entertainment industry, Keibler has also been in the spotlight for‌ her personal ‌life and relationships.

One of Keibler’s most publicized relationships was with actor George Clooney. The ⁤two were together for several‍ years and ⁢often ⁢attended high-profile events and red ‌carpets⁣ together.⁤ Following their split,⁢ Keibler went on to marry Jared Pobre, a successful businessman.‍ The couple welcomed their first child, a daughter, in 2014. Keibler has ‍been known to keep her personal life relatively private, focusing on her ⁢family ‍and career.

Relationship Duration
George Clooney Several years
Jared Pobre 2014 – ⁤Present


Q: Who is ⁤Stacy Keibler?
A: Stacy Keibler is a former professional wrestler, actress, and model. She gained fame ‍during her time with World Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment.

Q:⁣ What is Stacy Keibler known for?
A:⁢ Keibler is best known for ⁣her time as a ‌WWE Diva, where she became a fan favorite and appeared in high-profile storylines and matches. She also gained attention for⁣ her appearance on the second season of ABC’s‍ “Dancing with ​the Stars” and her relationship ⁤with actor George Clooney.

Q: What has Stacy Keibler been doing since leaving WWE?
A: ⁣After leaving WWE, Keibler has focused on her acting career, appearing in various television shows and movies. ⁢She ‍has also continued to work as a model and‍ has been involved in various philanthropic initiatives.

Q: What are some of Stacy ​Keibler’s notable appearances in ⁤film and television?
A: Keibler has appeared in films ⁤such‍ as “The Comebacks,” “What About Brian,” and “The Fixer.” She has also made guest appearances on popular television ‌shows like “How I ‍Met Your Mother,” “Chuck,” and “Psych.”

Q: What is Stacy Keibler up to now?
A: Keibler has largely stepped away from the spotlight to‌ focus on her personal⁤ life and family. She has expressed ⁣a desire to⁤ prioritize her role as a mother and maintain ⁤a ‌low-key lifestyle.

In Summary

In ‌conclusion, Stacy Keibler has undoubtedly left an ​indelible mark on the world⁣ of entertainment and professional wrestling. From her early days as a Nitro Girl to⁢ her ‍successful career in Hollywood and beyond, Keibler has charmed audiences with her talent, beauty, and grace. Whether ⁢gracing​ the ring or the red carpet, she continues to inspire and empower women around the world. As she continues ⁤to pursue new ⁤ventures and endeavors, there is no doubt that Stacy Keibler’s legacy will endure for‍ years to come.


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